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February 1, 2007










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January 31, 2007

This is the last day of life*fever as a blog! Tommorrow it will be a big day, with the launching of a new design and feautures… So don’t miss it! Check out here, at midnight the new link!

But before I go, I had to share this videos with you, that I have discovered at fashion pig.. They are amazing. Very fashionable moments..

Talking to Daisy de Villeneuve

September 12, 2006

Talking to Daisy de Villeneuve

Daisy de Villeneuve was born in 1975, the older daughter of a famous fashion model in the 60s and 70s, and of the man who was responsible by the rise of fashion icon Twiggy. Since she was a kid, she was a art passionated, and even won lots of art conpetitions. Today she became one of the most successfull fashionillustrators, not only in UK (where she is currently living), but world wide! Daisy has already done solo exhibitions, created designs for Nike, V&A Museum and Top Shop, and she has also launched two successfull books.

I went talking to her..

Coxi-When did you realised you wanted to be an artist?

Daisy-I was good at art from a very young age and when I got older it seemed like the right direction to go in.

Coxi-Where do you get inspiration to draw and illustrate?

Daisy-Books, films, traveling to new places & spending time with my friends all inspire me.

Coxi-Which is your graduation?

Daisy-I graduated with a Fine Art Degree from Parsons School of Design in 1999.
Talking to Daisy de Villeneuve

Coxi-How would you define your clothing style?

Daisy-Eclectic mix of old clothes and new. I like vibrant colors. I normally wear something that stands out like a bright stripy scarf or red rain coat. Whenever I meet someone new they always say that I look like my illustrations.

Coxi-Describe the main concept of your books?

Daisy-The main concept of my books are about the communication between people and how they interact with one another.

Coxi-What did you wanted to transmite or show to the readers/buyers?

Daisy-I wanted the written stories to be universal so everyone could relate or find familiar and funny. I wanted the drawings to look colourful and compliment the text.

Talking to Daisy de Villeneuve

Coxi-All time favorite artist…

Daisy-Peter Blake the Pop artist

Coxi-Have you been influenced in all your artistic route by any artistic movement?

Daisy– I like Surrealism, Dadaism, Art Deco, Pop Art and Outsider Art. With each of those art movements that I mentioned I like their take on the world how they see it.

Coxi-What gives the most satisfaction to create?

Daisy-I get satisfaction from the concept that I create being manifested into a product or book. I enjoy seeing it in shops and galleries. If I see someone in the street carrying one of my Topshop bags that’s always cool.

Coxi-How is your work environement?

Daisy-I don’t have a studio. I work from home at a desk and on it is my computer, scanner and notebooks. I have lots of folders spread out all over the floor in different colours for each project, sometimes if I’m really busy it can get out of control with a bunch of paper piled up and not knowing where anything is.

Coxi-Do you create fictional characters, or they represent someone in your life (or even yourself)?

Daisy-Most of the characters are semi real semi fictional, lots of the time I include myself.
Talking to Daisy de Villeneuve

Coxi-Are you living your ideal lifestyle?

Daisy-I like my lifestyle but it’s not ideal. I’d like to make some money, buy a house, settle down and I’m no where near any of those things.

Coxi-What haven’t you worked yet, but you really want to try someday?

Daisy-I’d like to do fabric design and get into Textiles. I’m about to start a printmaking class next month.

Coxi- Describe your self as a person…

Daisy-I am nice, kind, polite, loyal friend, good listener, funny, sarcastic, opinionated, have strong morals, shy, ambitious, laid back and worry too much.

Talking to Daisy de Villeneuve

Princeton Architectural Press

August 21, 2006


Today I received, via US mail my review copies of ‘Princeton Architectural Press‘ books, an American publisher that has been publishing fine books on architecture, design, photography, landscape, and visual culture for 25 years. I got Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg, and Design it your self by Ellen Lupton. Believe me, these are the books you want to have at home! They have affordable prices, and amazing qualitie with great themes! You can view also theys blog here, with latest news published.

Designers Guild / Super Cosy / Amanda Mediant / Architecture Netherlands

July 12, 2006

Nova imagem (1)

First of all, you must visit new Designers Guild Collection, it’s amazing. So fresh, colourfull and in a way so deep! Tricia Guild founded Designers Guild in Chelsea, London in 1970, one of the most influential and creative forces in Interior Design. Since then, the company has achieved international renown for a wide variety of home and lifestyle products; most notably huge and varied ranges of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, bedlinen, blankets and towels, furniture ,carpets and rugs, paint, stationery and leather goods.

Nova imagem

Speaking in Designers Guild, you got to come to Oporto, and visit one of the most colourful and fun interior design shops, Super Cosy! Leaded by Isabel Cami and Barbara Osório, it has been growing since the past two years and it became one of the most famous interior design shop in the city!


You got to visit Amanda Mediant, a free lance ilustrator and paintor! She was born in Paris and after some years working with clothing and shoes distribution, she now leads her own company and works for important design firms, magazines.. And believe me, her canvas and ilustrations are trully beautifull.


Speaking about Architecture, you must buy this book, from Taschen! It’s worth..
Buy it here..

Hippyxic / Lilli Bulle / Poppalina / Nouvelle Vagues

July 8, 2006

Notebooks from Hippyxic! They are absolutely fabulous!! By the way, she has come to Oporto, visiting me, and she brought a chinese book available at lili bulle, caled “Petit Apartements à Paris” (Small apartements in Paris), and I believe everybody should have it! Here is a small sample of it!
I also believe you should go to poppalina new weblog, and say something, because her work is absolutely amazing as you can see better at her photostream!
Babushka Dolls
And don’t forget buying new Nouvelle Vagues CD “Bande á parte”.. It’s realy worth it! The music is so soft and relaxing!