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February 1, 2007










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January 31, 2007

This is the last day of life*fever as a blog! Tommorrow it will be a big day, with the launching of a new design and feautures… So don’t miss it! Check out here, at midnight the new link!

But before I go, I had to share this videos with you, that I have discovered at fashion pig.. They are amazing. Very fashionable moments..


December 13, 2006

Who isn’t a fan of purl? So, for X-mas shopping check out decor8 discounts for purl..

Who: Purl
What: 10% off all merchandise for decor8 readers
When: Valid until this Friday, December 15th, 2006 – HURRY!
How: Use code ‘DECOR8’ (in caps) in the discount coupon text field in the shopping basket.

Click here for more info

Leaf Shop

December 9, 2006

For all the “tea lovers” here is a great and original online shop for you, Leaf! The best teas, infusions, with great packages and utensils! Also a great idea for christmas presents…

Set up in 2005 as a small independent business, Leaf is an invitation to discover the satisfaction and simplicity of quality leaf teas and infusions. Leaf is the perfect place to get started with leaf teas, with simple, authentic, delicious, top quality crops that will please your senses with a whole new world of tastes beyond the everyday tea you know.

Illu Stration

November 22, 2006

Mary-Ann Williams, the creator behind Illu Stration, was born 1965 in Cape Town, South Africa, studied Fashion-Design, Pattern-Design, Textile-Design, Interior-Design, Interior-Architecture und Hat-Design in Cape Town and Germany and decided to stay in Germany because of Apartheid. In 1984 she started using felts (felting) for fashion and hats. After starting with her own fashion and hats collection she later specialized in the development of textile products in the HIGH END section of interior design. She creates home accessories, bowls, lights, table accessories, kitchen accessories, living accessories, greeting cards, bags, carpets, hats and fashion and she is advising in interior design solutions. Her innovative designs find international interest. She brings structures and 3-dimensionality into the so far known 2-dimensionality.


click in the images to go to the website page


Léonor Mataillet

November 19, 2006

Léonor Mataillet is one of the new fresh faces in the interiors French scene. Inspired for some time she spent in India, she creates from pillows to bags, and all kind of home and women accessories. In a very craft style with indian inspirations, her collection is deffinitely worth to be seen.

xt decor mag

November 18, 2006

XT DECOR MAG is the latest blog from XT Furniture (moveis), launched along with a whole new layout in their site.. Check it out, and enjoy every post of this new interiors blog, full of inspirational tips for your homes and great houses that Graça from XT is always discovering.


November 9, 2006

Linnea Gits, Peter Dunham and Suzanna Bierwirth run one of the most amazing printing brands, based in Chicago, Binth. Their creations are worth to be seen, purchased, and to have at home. It is all in a very craft style wich gives them that special “flavour”. Take a look and be amaized.

Betty Joy

November 8, 2006

Bettyjoy is an independent online craft and design boutique run by Lucia Kempsey in Sheffield in the North of England.  Everything for sale at the Bettyjoy store is handmade, from Cutesypoo’s Green Tea Bear to Monica Burnett’s crotchet corsage headbands. The online store opened on 31 October 2006 and currently features the work of 14 craftspeople from as far a field as Canada, Singapore and Portugal and also craftspeople from closer to home in the UK.  Bettyjoy features 100’s of great gift ideas – bags, accessories, jewellery, homewares and plush toys with a constantly growing list of suppliers and products featured on the website.

Fleur de Kookyse

November 8, 2006

For all sticker fans, here are some of the best… They are from Feur de Kookyse, a french brand! They can be purchased in many museums such as Louvre in Paris, Gallerie Viviéne… Or by contacting the producer.

Cathy Miles

November 7, 2006

Speaking about oh joy blog, I have just discovered a new UK artist, Cathy Miles with a great work with wire she has managed to create an amazing sculptures collection inspired in birds. It’s worth to take a look.

Oh Joy Studio

November 7, 2006

With a major in Communications Design and a minor in Printmaking and Fibers from Syracuse University’s School of Visual & Performing Arts, founder Joy Deangdeelert Cho has always loved the mix of refined designs, handmade influences, texture, pattern, and color. Joy, the editor of the blog oh joy has now launched her new website oh joy studio. Check it out, great new stuff to see there.

Heather Bailey

October 27, 2006

Here is one more creation from the amaizing Heather Bailey, this time an incredible pillow full of style! Heather is a designer.. she creates craft accessories, fabric collections and much more! You can see it all here.

Sandra Monat

October 7, 2006

Sandra Monat is a Cologne (Germany) based crafter, with an amazing work and inspiration! She started her small crafts brand, herzensart, some years ago, and since that time she has already created the most amazing softies… Hand made with vintage fabrics, but always with a special taste in colour and shapes! It’s worth to take a look at her work.. She also writes a blog, where you can have a glimpse of her inspirations..

Hand Made Heaven

October 3, 2006

For Amsterdam craft shopping lovers here is a shop that you can’t miss! Hand Made Heaven is a very inspirational shop based in Amesterdam where you can find the most amazing papers, pencils, wool and many other stuff within an amazing and lightfull space!

Hand Made Heaven
Kastanjeplein 2
1092 CJ Amsterdam

Jessica Maria Toliver

September 22, 2006

Jessica Maria Toliver started her paperwork projects two years ago, and since that time she hasn’t stoped yet! Her creations include decor screens, tables and many small pieces that in my opinion are authentic pieces of art! Browse it all here

Rug Star

September 20, 2006

Rug star

The fascinating element of the RUG STAR collections is the fusion of old traditional handicraft methods and innovative solutions. The hand-knotted Tibetans from the Himalayans are produced according to a century old tradition. The traditional production process and the dyeing method make every product a one-off. The products alternate between elements of furniture, textile construct and objects, but also truly unique sculptures, depending on the point of view and the name applied. A carpet transforms a space with a dining table to a dining area, a space with a sofa to a living area.

Rug star

Thank you Esther “mokka”

September 15, 2006

thank you esther

I went to the mail box today I noticed I had a package from the netherlands, with an amazing stick from mokka “one of a kind!”… It was a gift from Esther, the creator behind mokka, an amazing hip bags brand, wich I must say, I’m fan!

So, thank you so much Esther!

Great Home

September 5, 2006

Nova imagem

Starting today, I will have a new section on life*fever, “Great Home” where I will post, from time to time a new house that I find! It will be colourfull, fresh, well designed and decorated homes who managed to be diferent!

The first home is from Hippyxic, a crafter and interior decorator from Sintra -Portugal- ! Her real name is Maria da Luz Vasconcelos, she took a degree in interior design at Fundação Ricardo Espirito Santo, and her curriculum vitae is pretty good! She has already worked with Graça Viterbo, one of the biggest interior designers from Portugal known worldwide, she also was one of the persons that brought habitat to Portugal, and now she runs her own crafting business, named hippyxic! Check out her amazing home in Sintra -international heritage.

hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc hippyxics' house for life*fever and living etchippyxics' house for life*fever and living etc

See more photos here

If you think you have an amaizing, colourfull and fresh home, please email me with some pics so that me and my colaborators can find out if that is what we are looking for!

Favorite Choses

September 5, 2006

favorite choses

Helene Fromen founded the collectiveFavorite Choses” one year ago, also when she realised that blogging was the perfect tool for a designer or a creative person who wanted to share its’ feelings and make business. Today this collective counts with more than 20 artists that met and creative amazing items to be sold through this online collective. These people are also provided a blog at favorite choses website, so that they can share what they feel. You can find here the items being sold online and you can read favorite choses headmaster blog in french here, or with a google english translation here! Take a look…

favorite choses