Designers Guild / Super Cosy / Amanda Mediant / Architecture Netherlands

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First of all, you must visit new Designers Guild Collection, it’s amazing. So fresh, colourfull and in a way so deep! Tricia Guild founded Designers Guild in Chelsea, London in 1970, one of the most influential and creative forces in Interior Design. Since then, the company has achieved international renown for a wide variety of home and lifestyle products; most notably huge and varied ranges of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, bedlinen, blankets and towels, furniture ,carpets and rugs, paint, stationery and leather goods.

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Speaking in Designers Guild, you got to come to Oporto, and visit one of the most colourful and fun interior design shops, Super Cosy! Leaded by Isabel Cami and Barbara Osório, it has been growing since the past two years and it became one of the most famous interior design shop in the city!


You got to visit Amanda Mediant, a free lance ilustrator and paintor! She was born in Paris and after some years working with clothing and shoes distribution, she now leads her own company and works for important design firms, magazines.. And believe me, her canvas and ilustrations are trully beautifull.


Speaking about Architecture, you must buy this book, from Taschen! It’s worth..
Buy it here..

One Response to “Designers Guild / Super Cosy / Amanda Mediant / Architecture Netherlands”

  1. hyppixic Says:

    DG…sou fã!! há anos!!!é genial!!
    Supercosy, gostei muito e tem lá peças hippy…. ;))
    AmandaMediant…obrigada por me a teres “apresentado”!!!

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