Hippyxic / Lilli Bulle / Poppalina / Nouvelle Vagues

Notebooks from Hippyxic! They are absolutely fabulous!! By the way, she has come to Oporto, visiting me, and she brought a chinese book available at lili bulle, caled “Petit Apartements à Paris” (Small apartements in Paris), and I believe everybody should have it! Here is a small sample of it!
I also believe you should go to poppalina new weblog, and say something, because her work is absolutely amazing as you can see better at her photostream!
Babushka Dolls
And don’t forget buying new Nouvelle Vagues CD “Bande á parte”.. It’s realy worth it! The music is so soft and relaxing!

6 Responses to “Hippyxic / Lilli Bulle / Poppalina / Nouvelle Vagues”

  1. Kelvin Says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  2. Kelvin Says:

    Hello from a male blogger down under in New Zealand. I was searching the blog world when your blog “popped up”. Very colourful – very nice.

  3. Shula Says:

    well, thank you very much for the recommendation….rather fun, this blogging business, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. hippyxic Says:

    que lindo!!!fotos lindas! links fabulosos!obrigada!!

  5. www.flickr.com/photos/antonellarojas/ Says:

    muy buena esta imagen
    la tipografía

  6. lifever Says:

    That is from a music group! Nouvelle Vague! you must hear it! http://www.nouvellesvagues.com/

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