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January 31, 2007

This is the last day of life*fever as a blog! Tommorrow it will be a big day, with the launching of a new design and feautures… So don’t miss it! Check out here, at midnight the new link!

But before I go, I had to share this videos with you, that I have discovered at fashion pig.. They are amazing. Very fashionable moments..

Falling Garden

December 17, 2006

Check out theis amazing “falling garden” by by swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Joerg Lenzlinger.

“The Doge (Mocenigo) needed a church so as to be able to have a monumental tomb built for himself, the church (San Staë) needed a saint so as to be able to be built, the saint (San Eustachio) needed a miracle so as to be pronounced a saint, the miracle needed a stag in order to be seen, and we built the garden for the reindeer. The visitors lie on the bed above the doge’s gravestone, and the garden thinks for them.”


Méta Garden

La Maison Rouge Paris


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa (Japan)


Series with 30 pictures,

James Yang

December 4, 2006

James Yang has received over 200 hundred awards for design and illustration excellence since graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983. His work has appeared in some of the most prestigious trade publications including Communication Arts, Print Magazine… He’s definitely one of the illustrators you must check out!

Genevieve Dionne

November 30, 2006

Genevieve Dionne lives and works in Vancouver. She spends her better days drawing, screen printing, sewing, eating vegetarian poutine, writing letters, and making art that looks like craft. Bittersweet Genevieve evolved out of a desire to combine art, craft, and the everyday. This micro business strives to set new parameters in the way people express themselves through apparel, while simultaneously incorporating remnants of a previous era in the form of ephemera and vintage fabrics.

Tree Installation

November 30, 2006

a recent installation by dutch artist and designer simon heijdens  nature is become rare. even the trees we see in our cities are planned and managed. Projected onto a façade in the centre of berlin (checkpoint charlie), the ‘tree’ is an intervention that questions the role of nature in the built environment. Sensors pick up the movement of passers by and changes in the weather. Virtual branches sway to real wind.
digital leaves fall to the sounds of the city street. Throughout the installation the tree becomes barer and barer, creating an ongoing image of human activity.

Via DesignBoom

Talking to Catalina Estrada

November 25, 2006

I went talking to Catalina Estrada, an artist born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. There she graduated in Graphic Design. Seven years ago she decided to travell to Europe, and stayed in Paris for a wilde, then moved to Barcelona where she graduated in Plastic Arts. Today she is a freelance designer and illustrator and she also teaches illustration at IDEP in BCN.

Coxi: How did you started? How have you realised you wanted to become an artist?

Catalina: I´ve always loved painting and drawing, I don´t know if I realised I wanted to become an artist, I just started doing what I liked and try to enjoy the whole process, worked a lot like crazy, got obsessed with images, colors, and above everything I tried to make real all the ideas that came to my mind, and now it´s like I´m doing what I love the most and even better I´m getting payed for it.

Coxi: What was the biggest influence in your work untill today?

Catalina: Many things have influenced my work, however I guess my mother´s usage of color is one of the greatests influences in what I do, every wall in her house is painted with a different color, she has beautiful objects that she collects all over the place, and she´s got a really personal and original sense of beauty. 

Coxi: Tell me a little bit about your artistic path. 

Catalina: I was born and raised in Colombia, there I graduated in graphic design. 7 years ago I moved to Barcelona and studied Fine Arts specialized in Lithography. I began to focus on illustration a couple of years ago and I also altern it with my personal art projects and that´s what I´ve been doing lately and I feel really happy about it !

Coxi: What are your main goals when you create?

Catalina: Feel proud of what I create

Coxi: Were do you get inspiration? 

Catalina: Music is one of my greatest sources of inspiration, I listen to songs and I want to create a new piece, mostly anything that´s emotional, also movies, books, folk art, etc…

Coxi: Do you rule by any tendency in your creative work, or you only follow what comes in your mind?

Catalina: I guess I mostly follow what comes in my mind and in my heart

Coxi: Designers/Artists you admire? 

Catalina: All pre-raphaelites, all arts and crafts artists, many folk artis from latin america, art nouveau artists, modernist, among many others.

Coxi: How is your work environement? 

Catalina: I work at home, I share one of the rooms with my very talented husband (who by the way helps me a lot with everything I do and I couldn´t live without him), and we have a small studio here, we have two big tables with two big screens ( I just bought a very big screen) and that´s it basicly. I have most part of the studio taken with boxes, prints, more boxes, painting stuff, sometimes is a mess but mostly it´s a very nice place.

Coxi: What is your favourite piece of art that you have at home? old or recently bought…

Catalina: I´ll take the pictures of it so that you can see it.  (“We’ll be waiting!!!”)

Coxi: What is your bedside table book at the moment?

Catalina: I have like a pile of books waiting for me to read them, I don´t know why I´m reading many at the same time so I never seem to finish none, but at the moment I have all this in my bedside table:

Coxi: Are you living your ideal lifestyle?

Catalina: Absolutely, I just wish I had a bit more time to travel more.

Coxi: What haven’t you done yet that you definitely want to try someday? 

Catalina: Live in a house near the sea.

Click here to take a look at Catalina latest exhibition 

I LoveDust

November 23, 2006

I Lovedust is a small and perfectly formed graphic design studio based in Southsea, just a length of cobbled pavement from the beach. Innovative and multi-disciplinery, they design for print and web, and anything else they get their hands on. Their clients range from big to little and are dotted around the globe. For each they aim to provide creative solutions to all sorts of briefs, offering a friendly approach and loads of personality.

Fleur de Kookyse

November 8, 2006

For all sticker fans, here are some of the best… They are from Feur de Kookyse, a french brand! They can be purchased in many museums such as Louvre in Paris, Gallerie Viviéne… Or by contacting the producer.

Moleskine Notebooks are back

November 7, 2006

Moleskine is the legendary book used by European artists and thinkers for the past two centurys. You can be a designer, stylist, architect or even a doctor, but who hasn’t had an idea and because it wasn’t wrote it was forgotten? The Moleskine pocket notebooks are for all those situations, for every time you are in a coffee or a museum and you just need to write something  or just make a simple scketch. After some hi-tech productions they are back again traditional as somethings should be.

Cathy Miles

November 7, 2006

Speaking about oh joy blog, I have just discovered a new UK artist, Cathy Miles with a great work with wire she has managed to create an amazing sculptures collection inspired in birds. It’s worth to take a look.

Richard May

November 7, 2006

Richard May has produced hundreds of illustrations for a diverse range of editorial and publishing clients such as Time, Ray Gun, Wired, The Independent, The Guardian, New Scientist, Vogue Pelle, Vogue Korea, Random House and Time Warner Books. Today he is a proeminent artist with a recognised work. Check out his online portfolio

Blue Block by Florentijn Hofman

November 6, 2006

The borough of Delfshaven, Rotterdam, asked Florentijn Hofman to come up with a plan for a block of derelict buildings, wich would be eventualy demolished. The agreement with the neighbourhood was that the block would remain blue as long as there wasn’t a new plan for the area. This was once one of the most unseen blocks of houses in Rotterdam, and by applying a layer of only two micron of blue paint into it, it became Rotterdam’s most photographed one…

Bela Borsodi

November 6, 2006

Check out Bela Borsodi portfolio, with a work that mix photography with illustration. Making really important the woman sensuality. It’s definitewly this weekend choice on life*fever.

I discovered it on this blog, wich deserve your atention on some great content

Thomas Schostock

November 5, 2006

Check out one of the hottest illustrators at the moment, Thomas Schostock a german artist who is seeing its work recognised everywhere.

Silja Goetz

November 4, 2006


Illustrator Silja Goetz offers up a slew of absolutely great illustrations, ink drawings, and some truly amazing pieces of collage. Check out her work…

Jacqueline Myers-Cho

October 31, 2006

Jacqueline is a art mxed media artist based in the United States with a great work.. She has been creating art for over twenty years, and passed through many styles, and ways of producing, but now, I believe her work is getting even better then it was.. This work (photo above) is called “Super Hero”, and I believe it has a very significant meaning.. It’s gorgeous! You can purchase her work online here.

Ana Ventura

October 28, 2006

For those that doesn’t know her yet, she is Ana Ventura, a Portuguese illustrator based in Lisbon and with an amaizing and recognised work! She creates the most beautifull “papelsonagens”, in english paperdolls that are one of the big hits in the arts and internet world! You can see a bit more of her work here and here. She also writes her own blog in portuguese. You can purchase her art online by contacting her through email.


October 28, 2006

What does street art means?? Street art is art created in public places, often without permission. Street art is made in a number of mediums, including stencils, stickers, posters, paint, and sculpture. In mathematical, political, criminal, and philosophical terms, streetart is a subset of graffiti. So for those who are trully lovers of street art, here is the ultimate meca for you, Streetsy, a street art hunting website with daily updates on the subject.

Jackson Pollock

October 28, 2006

Are you feeling inspired today? Do you think you would be able to paint a real artwork, inspired in Jackson Pollock’s art work? Click here to have a try.