Tord Boontje / All Star / Fermento / Sandra Monat

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Tord Boontje work sits on the cusp of design and crafts: combining tradicional crafts witg hi-tech. His design philosophy is to create an environement that is warm and loving! He’s got a amazing work, and a new studio!

Speaking in designers, start looking over the new australian designer Matt Butler! He hasn’t got a website yet but you have here a sample of his work!

Don’t forget to buy your new converse all star, with your own design! It’s fantastic!

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Speaking about Portugal, if you are from Lisbon, or you are planning to vacacion there, don’t forget visiting “Fermento shop“, a place that opened to public in 19 November 2005 and only sells craft stuff! Amazing! It’s in Rua do Século, 13!

I received today a postcard from Sandra Monat saying “thank you” to everybody who helped her choosing a name to her new softie.. Visit her website! It’s worth! She has amazing softies!
Thank you Sandra!

4 Responses to “Tord Boontje / All Star / Fermento / Sandra Monat”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i just loved it!!!! all fantastic, amazing links… and of course, incredible website.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Sarah Jones

  2. Sand Says:

    This is great! Many thx Coxi for this wonderful job…


  3. Raquel Santos Says:

    parabéns Coxi pelo blog, tá demais
    força para este projecto

  4. Friederike! Says:

    huhu Coxi,
    a nice card you have and a nice blog, too!!!!! ;-)))
    Thank you for linking to me!!!
    Kiss, Sandra

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