Yves Béhar

Fuseproject has proudly revamped the Birki’s garden clog, and the re-invented classic is ready to be put to use. This new ultra-lightweight, completely water-friendly clog has an EVA sole designed to channel water out from under the shoe, helping its wearer maintain a sure grip while working hard in the garden or anywhere. When the job is done, you just hose them off. The new Birki’s have no assembled parts. So no stitching, no joints, no glued parts – just 100% water-proof ease.

SFMOMA’s design series 2 is now open and features the work of Yves Bêhar and fuseproject. It is the second in a series devoted to showcasing emerging talents in the fields of architecture, graphic design, and industrial design – and it is fuseproject’s first solo show in the US.
Organized around six themes: move, step, touch, hold, connect, and expand; this exhibition includes designs for a range of
clients including Birkenstock, BMW MINI, and Toshiba, as well as some purely conceptual pieces that we hope will get you thinking… and dreaming.

Featured in the exhibit is our newest creation: the Inner Light. The organic shape of the Inner Light is created by its large ring-shaped form. An electroluminescent film on the inner surface of each ring emits a radiating light from the inside of the structure. The achieved effect is a warm, encircling glow which has to be seen in person to experience the full mesmerizing impact.

fuse project 

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