By sponsoring L F, you are getting visibility amongst a large network of well informed people, that are cultured, young and always looking for something new. Having a AD on L F allows its’ public to view your business website and to have access to it.

Life Fevers’ public is aged between 18 and 50 year old with a majority in 18 to 35 year old. People who read it daily and often visit it are related to arts, and all envolved, informed and above all cultured. A public scattered world wide, having a majority in United States and Europe, but also getting many unique visitors from Australia, Brazil, asian countries, etc. L F public is a large group who started giving up on hours in front of television and magazines, spending more of their free time surfing on the internet searching for news and fresh stuff.

You can advertisewith a month permanent banner, or with scroll down banners in the main collumn.

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