Villa 57+ en Dortmund

New architecture post from arkinetia! More info here 

Villa 57+:: An outwardly inconspicuous detached house in the south of Dortmund had to be extended by two nurseries as well as a bedroom including bathroom. A dressing room had to be arranged in the existing building as well. The backyard, especially the small forest situated in eastern part of the site, had to be kept untouched. We decided to build a shed resembling timber annex towards the road, which, due to its airiness, fitted well into the wooded site and suited well the tradition of timber buildings in country style areas. The nurseries are arranged on the ground floor and the bedroom including bathroom are on the top floor, as well as the functional dressing room. All other remaining utilizations inside the existing building were kept. The new building part is of a partly independent shape, which illustrates an extension of the existing building. Using vertical boarding over roof and wall, it bestows the new volume a simple, unornamented, and monolithic character and allows a subtle dialogue between the Old and the New. The differentiated line management of the building geometry leads to changing perspectives and increases the sculptural impression for the passerby. The garden concept was aiming at a continuation of the ground level vegetation of the forest along the annex as well as the existing building. This would have led to an even greater integration of the volume within its environment. Due to the fact that the constructor refused the suggested garden concept and removed the small forest, the plan of the appurtenant structure was not performed after the completion of the building.

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