Since the outbreak of HIV/Aids in the ‘80s, modern medicine has made it possible for victims of the disease (at least for those who have access to such medicine!) to live with the virus for a longer time. While today entire areas of Africa are being erased by the disease at a vastly accelerated pace, the media value in the Western hemisphere has dropped. The effects of AIDS are widely underplayed today. This complacency is very dangerous: not only is the virus due to mutate into new forms for which there is no medication (new strains have been found already) – the ratio of infection is on the rise close to us as well. In order to re-awaken a desperately needed aids/HIV awareness, the Beauty Without Irony Foundation – headed by Ninette Murk, who also was creative director of Designers do Denim in 2001 – is launching DESIGNERS AGAINST AIDS – a project/fashion line aimed to get AIDS back into the media.

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