ARCHTEAM – Czech Republic

This week, Martin from arkinetia brings to us this fabulous house, full of inspirational colour and design.. Read this small text showing a little bit of the creators concept.. Check out full information here.

Most of clients for our private houses have limited budgets, for financially modest or average buildings. As a rule, when designing houses we do not have the funds that would facilitate an extensive construction programme, for the building of really large houses. We have designed many private houses where financial aspects were a significant criterion. Financial limits do not limit our architecture. Our previous experience from projects and our present focus are a reflection of several values that are crucial for us, that overlap and combine in various ways when we work on a design. It is very difficult to list and rank the priorities in the individual phases of a project, because we have to think above all about the result – how they work together. Visiting the site and thinking about where the building will stand is important for us. We always want to give a house a particular atmosphere, and original individual elements. For the first phase of the design, two criteria are crucial for us:

A simple layout that can be modified and adapted in the future in view of new requirements.
We usually work on the basis of an open inner space, bounded by the outer wall and only divided by parts of the load-bearing structure.

A very simple and easy to implement construction.
In a large percentage of the houses we build, their implementation could be described as “assembly”, with limited needs for drawn-out manual building.

So how do we design small and medium-sized private houses? As elements that actively affect their setting. As a sequence from a real film, or a set of connecting spaces inside open halls. As a building set.

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