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Match Lamp

November 30, 2006

Check out this great match lamp, great to those who want to give an alternative look to their homes…


Stuart Tanner Architects – Australia

November 30, 2006

Great House at Arkinetia. Check out more info here

The Pirates Bay House is a small coastal retreat near Eaglehawk Neck on Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsular. It has been designed primarily as an informal, intermittent use building. The clients requested a contemporary, steel framed building that made best use of an awkward site and brought the coastal aspect of its location into the living spaces. The driveway was an existing site condition, so the clients’ brief of being able to park under the building is fulfilled and interpreted to create physical drama and tension.

The building’s dramatic gesture toward the ocean is tempered by a more intimate dialogue with the rear of the site, thus symbolizing a bridge transition between wooded glade and open ocean view. Expressed structure and engineering are an intrinsic part of the architecture, correlating with the notion of the building as a hovering platform from which to experience nature. Architect, engineer and fabricator worked harmoniously to create a place where landscape, structure and space combine to become an exhilarating experience.


November 30, 2006

Neo-retro is the keyword for Magali’s creations. Rich in knowledge and artistic sensibility, she can create unexpected synergies between classical styles and modern design. The result is an amazing mix and transformation of the styles and matters that gives this particular characteristic to all Magali Jeambrun’s works of art. These chairs were all picked up at antiques shops, and Magali transformed them…

Via Kristina Guest Blog

21_21 Talk: Issey Miyake and Naoto Fukasawa

November 30, 2006

Check out Issey Miyake and Naoto Fukasawa talk about the city, culture and design as they look down upon the streets of Tokyo from the observation deck of Tokyo Tower. It’s very interesting to read this one afternoon conversation, posted at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT

Tree Installation

November 30, 2006

a recent installation by dutch artist and designer simon heijdens  nature is become rare. even the trees we see in our cities are planned and managed. Projected onto a façade in the centre of berlin (checkpoint charlie), the ‘tree’ is an intervention that questions the role of nature in the built environment. Sensors pick up the movement of passers by and changes in the weather. Virtual branches sway to real wind.
digital leaves fall to the sounds of the city street. Throughout the installation the tree becomes barer and barer, creating an ongoing image of human activity.

Via DesignBoom

New stuff at core77

November 30, 2006

 Studio Bullitts : Jaren Goh

Singapore-based industrial designer Jaren Goh’s Rollertoaster just may revolutionize toast as we know it. His 2006 Red Dot Award-winning design not only toasts bread, but it also allows the user to watch the slice magically transform before their eyes—from cold and squishy to hot ‘n crispy! Read the whole story in our Studio Bullitts section.

Fujitsu foldable UMPC concept 

Spotted at T3, this pocket-sized Fujitsu folding laptop concept foreshadows a bright and sunny future for UMPCs. It’s no surprise that this slick piece came from NYC’s tech and style-savvy ID firm Antenna Design.

Via Core 77

Talking to Catalina Estrada

November 25, 2006

I went talking to Catalina Estrada, an artist born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. There she graduated in Graphic Design. Seven years ago she decided to travell to Europe, and stayed in Paris for a wilde, then moved to Barcelona where she graduated in Plastic Arts. Today she is a freelance designer and illustrator and she also teaches illustration at IDEP in BCN.

Coxi: How did you started? How have you realised you wanted to become an artist?

Catalina: I´ve always loved painting and drawing, I don´t know if I realised I wanted to become an artist, I just started doing what I liked and try to enjoy the whole process, worked a lot like crazy, got obsessed with images, colors, and above everything I tried to make real all the ideas that came to my mind, and now it´s like I´m doing what I love the most and even better I´m getting payed for it.

Coxi: What was the biggest influence in your work untill today?

Catalina: Many things have influenced my work, however I guess my mother´s usage of color is one of the greatests influences in what I do, every wall in her house is painted with a different color, she has beautiful objects that she collects all over the place, and she´s got a really personal and original sense of beauty. 

Coxi: Tell me a little bit about your artistic path. 

Catalina: I was born and raised in Colombia, there I graduated in graphic design. 7 years ago I moved to Barcelona and studied Fine Arts specialized in Lithography. I began to focus on illustration a couple of years ago and I also altern it with my personal art projects and that´s what I´ve been doing lately and I feel really happy about it !

Coxi: What are your main goals when you create?

Catalina: Feel proud of what I create

Coxi: Were do you get inspiration? 

Catalina: Music is one of my greatest sources of inspiration, I listen to songs and I want to create a new piece, mostly anything that´s emotional, also movies, books, folk art, etc…

Coxi: Do you rule by any tendency in your creative work, or you only follow what comes in your mind?

Catalina: I guess I mostly follow what comes in my mind and in my heart

Coxi: Designers/Artists you admire? 

Catalina: All pre-raphaelites, all arts and crafts artists, many folk artis from latin america, art nouveau artists, modernist, among many others.

Coxi: How is your work environement? 

Catalina: I work at home, I share one of the rooms with my very talented husband (who by the way helps me a lot with everything I do and I couldn´t live without him), and we have a small studio here, we have two big tables with two big screens ( I just bought a very big screen) and that´s it basicly. I have most part of the studio taken with boxes, prints, more boxes, painting stuff, sometimes is a mess but mostly it´s a very nice place.

Coxi: What is your favourite piece of art that you have at home? old or recently bought…

Catalina: I´ll take the pictures of it so that you can see it.  (“We’ll be waiting!!!”)

Coxi: What is your bedside table book at the moment?

Catalina: I have like a pile of books waiting for me to read them, I don´t know why I´m reading many at the same time so I never seem to finish none, but at the moment I have all this in my bedside table:

Coxi: Are you living your ideal lifestyle?

Catalina: Absolutely, I just wish I had a bit more time to travel more.

Coxi: What haven’t you done yet that you definitely want to try someday? 

Catalina: Live in a house near the sea.

Click here to take a look at Catalina latest exhibition 

mkarchitecture – EE.UU.

November 25, 2006

This week Arkinetia‘s post, about eco-friendly home.. Check out more info here.

When architect Michelle Kaufmann moved to the Bay Area to join her husband last year, they quickly became frustrated trying to find a home that they could afford and was eco-friendly. After six months of looking at $600,000 fixer-uppers, Michelle took matters into her own hands. She designed a prefabricated, modern style home that had all the “green” features that the couple considered important, and could be constructed to the strict San Francisco building codes including seismic requirements and energy efficiency. With the help of Live Modern, the Glidehouse is now available for sale to others. A number of modular builders are fabricating the Glidehouse throughout many US states and Canada, making it one of the very few modern designs available. The house was available for tours May 15-16 at the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend and brought in more than 20,000 visitors during the two days.
“The current real estate market demonstrated to us that there are very few options available to people like ourselves and our friends for a new type of housing alternative,” said Kaufmann. “We feel we’ve done for pre-fabricated homes what Ikea has done for furniture and Volkswagen has done for cars which translates to intelligent design at affordable prices. The old trailer park myth of pre-fab homes is history, since most homes in today’s marketplace are at least partially pre-fabricated. Our designs are smart and modern, our workmanship is of the highest quality, we are totally energy efficient and sustainable and every home is built to local codes. It’s time that people have an alternative for home ownership. We think it’s the Glidehouse.”
The Glidehouse offers an affordable, low-maintenance, well-designed green housing alternative, in four different sizes – 672 sf for a 1-bedroom, 1,344 sf for a 2-bedroom, 1,560 sf for a 3-bedroom and a 2,016 sf courtyard version. It can be configured to either fit on an open lot with views, with glass walls that open onto the landscape. Or, it can adjust to a more dense, urban lot, which would feature glass walls that open onto two private courtyards, insuring privacy from neighbors.

I LoveDust

November 23, 2006

I Lovedust is a small and perfectly formed graphic design studio based in Southsea, just a length of cobbled pavement from the beach. Innovative and multi-disciplinery, they design for print and web, and anything else they get their hands on. Their clients range from big to little and are dotted around the globe. For each they aim to provide creative solutions to all sorts of briefs, offering a friendly approach and loads of personality.

wall patterns at B+N

November 23, 2006

B&N Industries is an innovative designer and manufacturer of products and systems for the retail, architectural, and consumer industries. They continually develop Fresh, Fun, and functional approaches to solutions that enhance environments. With the launch of Iconic™ Carved Relief Panels, B&N has secured a new way of providing innovative technologies and design options for the contract, retail, and hospitality industry. This amazing wall patterns are the prove of all the concept of creation, check them all out.


November 22, 2006

Eco-Friendly Footwear by Terra Plana.   via inhabitat

Open Edition LED Clock available at mocoloco shop

Yutori Kimono Shoes by Puma on freshness magazine.                     via Josh Spear 

Cube Ski Hotels.       via the cool hunter

Mimobot designer flash Drivers         via notcot 


November 22, 2006

It is not a latest new on design, but yet is gorgeous. The Franckfurt 2005 Best Design Winner, an exquisite ligh by fienedigne, is one of the most amazing lights I’ve ever seen. Moonstruck light objects are slip casted and perforated, each shpere is 100 % handcrafted. No stencils are used with the flower pattern, which makes each piece a bit different and unique. So all this makes this design piece a must have at home. I can tell you that your home would look much incredibly better with one “moonstruck”.


black coloured porcelain – outside polished, inside glazed, silkprinted, food safe – dishwasher proof

Illu Stration

November 22, 2006

Mary-Ann Williams, the creator behind Illu Stration, was born 1965 in Cape Town, South Africa, studied Fashion-Design, Pattern-Design, Textile-Design, Interior-Design, Interior-Architecture und Hat-Design in Cape Town and Germany and decided to stay in Germany because of Apartheid. In 1984 she started using felts (felting) for fashion and hats. After starting with her own fashion and hats collection she later specialized in the development of textile products in the HIGH END section of interior design. She creates home accessories, bowls, lights, table accessories, kitchen accessories, living accessories, greeting cards, bags, carpets, hats and fashion and she is advising in interior design solutions. Her innovative designs find international interest. She brings structures and 3-dimensionality into the so far known 2-dimensionality.


click in the images to go to the website page


Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

November 21, 2006

Once again, some of the most beautifull women of the world, the hippest models got together to prove what is the perfect definition of powerfull and beautifull woman (in underware). Justin Timberlake started the show with “Sexy Back” while Gisele Bündchen opened the catwalk with an amazing underware set, “reminding the future”. In some days the video will be available at the official website, but until there here is a sneak-peak of what it was like, in this amazing night at the Kodak Theatre.

image source: use fashion

News: Nike

November 21, 2006

Nike has managed to launch a new and “super fresh” sneackers collection. After the big success of the Stussy collabs, they decided to create some new, full of colour and freshness.. Great for everyone who wishes to add confort with style.

Nea: Jewelery

November 21, 2006

Nea: is a jewelery brand leaded by Janick, a great creator and designer that has managed to do a new collection of accessories for every feminin woman. She has now launched a new website for her creations, check it out.

Design Lush

November 21, 2006

DESIGNLUSH is an innovative collection of contemporary furniture dedicated to the art of design. Located at the prestigious NYDC, 200 Lexington Avenue, the showroom consists of specialty furniture, lighting and home accents that are sure to delight you. We cater to trade professionals and specialty clients seeking unique, quality, custom designed pieces. They make the most exquisit lights with some etnic inspirations.

Susan Bradley

November 20, 2006

Susan Bradley Outdoor Wallpaper reinterprets a familiar domestic item for outdoor spaces, as a unique trellis, screening or simply a decorative feature – creating an immediate impact in any space.

Léonor Mataillet

November 19, 2006

Léonor Mataillet is one of the new fresh faces in the interiors French scene. Inspired for some time she spent in India, she creates from pillows to bags, and all kind of home and women accessories. In a very craft style with indian inspirations, her collection is deffinitely worth to be seen.

Saint B Mp3

November 18, 2006

Saint B is a Flash-player in a chrome-plated steel body frame. A form of the player is inspired by the original Christian symbol, the cross. Indeed, we wear it in the same manner as a player – around the neck. We are playing not only with the form, but with religious symbolsycs. This player immediately brings many questions – whether it is possible to listen to any kind of music on it? Whether it can keep on playing a role of the religious symbol? Does everybody have a moral right to wear this thing?