revista rojo® highlights

The is a very cultured magazine that broaches various themes related to art, spreading new artists and their works… It’s worth to take a look to this amazing concept, with a very clean and accessible website! Graphic art is their main subject, but in all the posts and subjects, there is stuff available for all kind of “wannabe cultured people”…

So, as I became a fan of rojo mag, here are some of the best articles published recently, that I believe that are a “must see&read” today!!

Rojo®special project for Nike

Special printed issue made in cooperation with nike where selected artists create specific works for the best known american sportsbrand around.

Rojo®inna print on textile

Exposición de obras impresas en textil realizadas exclusivamente para ROJO® por 21 artistas internacionales. Art Exhibition featuring exclusive artwork to be printed on textile made by 21 international artists selected.

10.11.2006 – 10.12.2006
Paseo de Gracia, 1
08001 Barcelona
22.11.2006 – 09.12.2006
Panta Rhei
Hernán Cortés, 7
28004 Madrid

Rojo®catalina estrada

Catalina Estrada is aBarcelona based graphic artist, freelance designer and that teaches Ilustration at IDEP in the Graphic Design and Professional Illustration Areas. It’s worth to take a look at her amazing work.

Rojo®LoLo in Barcelona

Latest works exhibition and performance by LoLo at distritoQuinto… If you are in Barcelona until 11th October don’t miss it!


Special project where three previously selected independent film makers create three audiovisual pieces for Calippo.

Actop video.

310k video.

Gregori Saavedra video.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip through imagination, full of color in a very special way! Rojo®Magazine should definitely be one of the top references for everyone…

All images and parts of the text under Rojo®magazine rights.

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