bevk perovic architects – Eslovenia

So here is a october new! Arkinetia is the latest contributor on life*fever, and beggining today, he will be posting one of the thursday posts! So sit back and enjoy this amazing house, full of a very special concept! This article is also here..
The house is located in a suburban settlement on the outskirts of Ljubljana.
The surrounding area is ‘covered’ with low-quality single-family houses, most of them built without building permits in the 1960’s. The owners bought the last available plot, a very small area (500m2), on the edge of the settlement, facing forest on the northern side. Therefore the theme of the project became one of ‘mediation’ – a house as a mediator between the anonymous, chaotic suburbia and the natural surroundings.

The house is conceived as a standard, patio-type house, formed by two wings that ‘frame’ the garden area. The wings are then split into two levels, to allow for insertion of the carport under the living area. By positioning the house almost on the edge of the site, and by lifting the level of the garden, the need for the fence surrounding the very small plot is eliminated.

The usual ‘split’ between the living and sleeping areas of the house is reversed, so that the sleeping area occupies the ground level of the house.
It consists of bedrooms and bathrooms for children and parents, which are formed as very small cells that can be joined together by means of series of sliding and folding panels, much like a Japanese house, where boundaries between particular areas become blurred. All of the spaces open up towards the wide corridor-workspace, with a long work surface that naturally extends into the raised grass plateau of the garden.

The main living area of the house is raised from the ground to allow for the sweeping panoramic view of the surrounding forest on the north. The long window on the southern side, raised 2 meters from the level of the room, allows for the sun to enter the room, while limiting the views to the neighbouring houses.

Structurally it is conceived as a ‘bridge’, spanning over the carport on the ground level.
As a typology, it is an open, loft-type space, very narrow and elongated, contrasting the closeness and compartmentalization of the bedroom area.
So the living room becomes a ‘mediating device’, a kind of a periscope, catching sunrays on the southern side, and framing the views of the forest on the northern side.

Materially, the whole house is clad in wood – vertical larch wood planks cover all the surfaces, including the pitched roof and the terrace – sun deck.
The only exception are the windows, only four of them in total – very large surfaces that ‘contain’ all opening and ventilation surfaces as well as all fixed glazing parts. Windows are custom-made, in steel structure with flush glazing.

bevk perovic architects
Fotos: Matevz Paternoster

copyright: bevk perovic architects

House S/B, Ljubljana, Slovenia

project: 2002-03
execution: 2003-04

site area: 500 m2
total built area: 190m2

Maja Stefula, Gasper Blejec

GAAP d.o.o. (general)

bevk perovic architects: Matija Bevk, Vasa J. Perovic

structural engineer:
Ivo Hafner, sp
mechanical engineer:
Tomi Celarc, Celarc d.o.o.
electrical engineer:
GT project d.o.o.

project management:
GT project d.o.o., Gasper Blejec

bevk perovic architects
poljanska 6, 1000 ljubljana,slovenia,
tel. –386 1 430 50 30,
fax. –386 1 430 50 37

Office founded in 1997. Run by Matija Bevk and Vasa J. Perovic, MA BiA

Matija Bevk, b. 1972, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
1999 graduated from Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Vasa J. Perovic, MA BiA, b. 1965, Belgrade, YU.
1992 graduated from Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade, YU,
1992-94 masters degree Berlage Institute of Architecture, Amsterdam, NL


2002 Plecnik Prize for Architecture – Slovenian national architecture prize for the best building in 2002 – for apartment blocks Zeleni Gaj, Siska, Ljubljana.

2002 Piranesi Prize – International Prize for Architecture – for primary school in Kocevje, Slovenia.

2003 Plecnik Prize for Architecture – Slovenian national architecture prize for the best building in 2003 – for primary school in Kocevje, Slovenia.

2003 nominated for Mies van der Rohe prize for apartment blocks Zeleni Gaj, Siska, Ljubljana

2003 annual Trend prize for achievements in visual culture

2004 nominated for Plecnik prize for architecture for Royal Netherlands Embassy, residence Ljubljana

2004 Preseren foundation prize – Slovenian national cultural award – for architectural production in 2002-04

2005 Plecnik Prize for Architecture – Slovenian national architecture prize for the best building in 2005 – for six apartment blocks Polje, Ljubljana.

2005 Kunstpreis Berlin, awarded by German Academy of Arts, Berlin


Work of the office has been published in numerous art and architecture magazines – Architektur Aktuell, Detail, AD Architectural Design, Casabella, Piranesi, AB, AR, Hise, Ambient etc.

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  1. ana Says:

    what amazing house…congratlations…

  2. karin Says:

    amazing!!! my future home! hahaha. universe please provide!!! 🙂

  3. charlene Says:

    This is mildy obnoxious, but I’m really interested in the black chairs in the livingroom area. Any idea who designed them?

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