Forest – Farm

 “The most important characteristic of Japanese gardens is the miniaturization of the natural landscape using four major elements: water, stones, plants and scenes. The composition style of Japanese gardens is different from that of Italian garden. In Japanese gardens, components are laid out sinuously and asymmetrically.
Japanese feel sentiment in seasonal transitions of nature, and believe that the beauties of nature, Kachofugetsu, is one of the major contributors that constitute the beauty of each season. You watch the relection of the moon in the water and the moonlight spilled out of the branches of a pine tree, while drinking up a floating moon from a sake goblet. Essentially, this conduct is based on the traditional Japanese aesthetics. I would like to present the garden style that exploits this aesthetics and that fits in modern life.”

If you are looking for more advices and tips fore japanese gardens check out forest-farm, with its amazing concept of gardening..

One Response to “Forest – Farm”

  1. wishes heros Says:

    Os jardins Japoneses sempre me fascinaram! A armonia a perfeição, tudo o que nunca vou conseguir no meu jardim 🙂

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