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Bring you the brick to the building

Through this collection of three domestic bricks, 5.5 designers invites you to build your own environment according to your needs, your requirements and life habits. As the furniture general offer to consumers becomes more standardised, bringing a restricted choice between chests of drawers and sofas three seats, these elements of auto construction will allow you to invent your interior and liberate your existing schemes.

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Graduated in Paris of the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art ” (hereinafter ENSAM), Vincent Baranger, Jean-Sebastien Blanc, Anthony Lebossé, David Lebreton, and Claire Renard, were responsible for launching the cabinet 5.5 Designers in August, 2003. With their successful presentation of the REANIM project at the Paris furniture fair in 2004, 5.5 founded a new discipline: the remedial treatment of objects. After opening at the galerie de la Salamandre in Nîmes, their work was presented at the opening of Lafayette Maison and at Pitti living in Milan, occasion where they were invited by Christina Morozzi. More recently an exhibition of their design was held at the Peyroulet & Cie gallery in order to mark the production launch of their range of remedial accessories for furniture.
After being part of the biennale de Saint-Etienne and Tokyo Designer’s Block, they designed furniture for Lafayette VO before responding to a commission from the APCI to design scenographies for the Observeur du design. At the same time they re-worked the image of ordinary objects and presented a collection for the 10th Puces du design event, for which they also did the layout. Charmed by the novelty of their work, Fabien Bonillo of Editions La Corbeille decided to produce their first objects. Their presentation at the Paris furniture fair 2005 confirmed their ambitions and their subversive presence in the context of the design scenario, identifying them as a team to keep an eye on, indeed. At the present time they are working with big-name makers (Salviati, Arc, Oze, Bernardaud, Galeries Lafayette…), nevertheless, attention must be drawn to the fact that they remain determined to continue proposing consumer alternatives and to blaze a design trail that is different and functional. 5.5 designers are out there now.

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  1. lisa s Says:

    this is such a cool concept! wow

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