11 th September

11th september 11th september11th september

Although today is not 11th September, it is never late to do a homage!At this exact moment, in the year of 2001, thousend of people prevailed in that place, and another thousend tried to save them…

The events of 11th September were a series of terrorist attacks against the United States, in 11 th September 2001. Members of the Islamic group Al-Quaeda kidnapped four aircrafts, making two of them collide against the two towers of World Trade Center in Manhatan, New York, the third one against the Pentagon headquarters in Washington DC and the fourth one knocked down in a field next to Shaksville, Pensilvânia, after the passengers face the terrorists. I perfectly remember this day. I was far away at my home in Portugal when the news came up on TV with the most breath taking images I’ve ever seen. Although I was not in New York, or USA, I felt that moment with the same intensity, fear, as every citizen of the world felt. It was chocking and devastating…

Here, today and now, at this exact moment I give my homage for those who prevailed in ground zero during the attack, for those who died trying to help who suffered from this devastating attacks, for those who helped and volunteered, for who lost someone really important in their lives and for every single person in the entire world who helped, physically or spiritualy…

It’s time to move on into a new era, to fight against terrorism and against people that can sleep at night after doing something like this… It’s time to help who really needs, who is in pain, It’s time to re-birth for a new life…

This is not related to design/fashion/arts, but is related to life and to people…

3 Responses to “11 th September”

  1. ana Says:

    My friend is because you have such big heart and soul that i love you….is an honour be your friend

  2. ana Says:

    My friend is because you have such big heart and soul that i love you….is an honour be your friend…

    Unfortunately this is the world where we live…Is a new cause that have been bring to the public by Clooney * actor and TUTu Desmond * Bishop…about Sudan….they call all people in this world to support that cause to make ONU go there and stop the govern kill that people…

    Big Kiss

  3. miriam Says:

    viste a “teoria da conspiração” que deu na 2 no dia 10, à noite?
    é incrível, mas depois desse documentário a minha visão do 11 de setembro modificou-se completamente. claro que não há verdades absolutas e não acho que tudo o que dizem lá seja verdade… mas há demasiadas provas… tenho pena dos milhares que morreram por causa de 1 presidente! =(

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