Indoor 2D in 3D art

While I was surfing on the web, I found these amazing wall paintings, in 2D, but viewed with the right angle they become 3D amazing images.. almost like if they were painted in the air!! The author is Felipe Varini, as you can see, an amazing, apreciate this amazing art! And don’t forget checking out life*fever tomorrow, new interview is coming out with one of the most hip fashionable persons in fashion scene!

Check out some examples of the “wall art”

2D that become 3D 2D that become 3D 2D that become 3D

One Response to “Indoor 2D in 3D art”

  1. Mayra Says:

    Love your blog! will come back.
    Loved ana venturas work: frensh and endearing.
    Liked Verinis´ anamorphic work as well but seems very much a copy of Georges Rousse. I think in fair play´s name its best to recognize others that came before, here a pic and info:

    “Georges Rousse was born in 1947 in Paris, where he continues to live and work. In Europe, Rousse is represented by Heidi Reckermann Gallery in Germany. Rousse has been exhibited in many countries and is the recipient of more than half a dozen international prizes. In Houston, the Menil Collection, owns several of Rousse’s earlier works.
    “Each installation by Rousse is a multi-phase process. The installations are often done in buildings that are slated for demolition or transformation. Every piece is the product of study. The process moves from initial recording and contemplation of the space, to historical research, into the creation of a site-specific physical work involving painting and sculpture, interpretive documentation of the installation, and then the final product – one or more large-scale photographs. In the end, all that remains of the work is the photograph, a visual memory of the space and its history. The installation itself is impermanent, functioning only as the intermediate step in the process.

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