Moooi is one of the furnishing and hip lifestyle leading brands worldwide, based in the Netherlands. The concept was brought to life by Marcel Wanders, who realised that by creating a new concept of life and living style he could turn the world up side down! Today he has important designers and trendsetters designing design master pieces for moooi, such as Li Edelkoort, Joep van Lieshout, Bertjan Pot amongst many others…

His mission statement is leading the understanding of culture, human needs and technology. Contributes by creating the most succesful innovative design-collection ever and creates unprecedented value and opportunity for its customers, employees, investors and partners.


He leads his brand by eleven keywords that I found very honest and amazing, such as integrity, respect, constant improvement, being passionate and dedicated, iniciative and creative, custumer success, commercial, team player, positive, strench, grow and fun!

moooi moooi moooi
I also have to mention a website I found through moooi website, that I think its amazing! Check out exactitudes !


3 Responses to “Moooi”

  1. ana Says:

    They are really amazing…thanks

  2. stuffed Says:


  3. maqira Says:

    Este candeeiro não ficava nada mal na minha sala de jantar, não achas?
    Ou, pesando bem, talvez fosse um desperdício!!!

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