Talking to Sixixis


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Nova imagem (2) , this is the main concept and feeling of Sixixis team. They are Tom (Six), Chris (Ix) and Charlie (Is), the artists that discovered a artistic way of making wood usefull, creative, in other words, “a piece of art“! They create furniture, sculptures and other products out of wood.

After university degrees, travellings throught the world, these three artists got together to create somethig new, that will revolutionize the world for sure.

I went talking to them…

Coxi-How did sixixis started?

Sixixis- Sixixis started when we were coming towards the end of our time at university. The three of us really wanted to carry on creating our own designs, so we decided that we should work together, using our three very different ways of thinking and styles to create something unique and special.

Coxi-Why the name “sixixis”?

Sixixis- The name comes from the three parts of sixixis and the three different minds working together. Six – English, ix – roman numerals for the number 9, is – sand script / Arabic for the number 15. 6+9=15.

Graphically it also works very well. We did not want our company to be represented by a word that already exists and has connotations attached to it. Sixixis is a word that does not exist and therefore has no connotations. It is also an object that is visually very appealing and in that sense it works well as a brand.


Nova imagem (1)

Coxi-How did you launched sixixis into the market?

Sixixis- We tried to get sixixis out there straight away as soon as we left college, by grouping all our work under the sixixis flag at shows such as 100% East, New Designers and the Milan Furniture Fair. We have been really lucky with how the press have taken to us and have pushed us more and more into the public eye.

Coxi-Where do you get inspiration to create?

Sixixis- From each other, from our imaginations and from our environment around us. Really we find inspiration in so much, it just a matter of trying to harness that inspiration into tangible object.

Coxi-Define design..

Sixixis- Creating good things.

Coxi-Are any unkown designers that you follow and admire their work?

Sixixis- Jethro Macey is another up and coming designer from Cornwall , he is doing some great fun stuff that you will instantly want to have in your house. Mark Irlam is a designer who works mainly with CAD to create his designs, but he is doing some interesting stuff. Mark Squire is a ceramicist who makes some beautiful ceramics, another great unknown from Cornwall .

Coxi-What is your all time favourite designer?

Tom- Thonet

Chris- Bruno Munari

Charlie- Hundertwasser


Coxi-Do you believe today we can talk about global design?


Sixixis- Yes if you believe in it.


Coxi-How is your work environment?


Sixixis- We really believe in trying to make our work environment as fun and inspiring as possible. Our workshop is in an old grammar school which we have converted to house all our steam bending equipment. We have two wood burning stoves. One for the sawdust from all the machinery which we use to power the steam chamber and another for scrap wood which heats the office and workshop in the winter months. Our workshop is only a mile from a beautiful surf beach, meaning that we always get down to the beach for a surf or swim when we can that is!




Coxi-Have you been influenced in all your artistic route by any artistic movement? If so, in what way?

Sixixis- Many movements have influenced us and all in different ways. One thing they do have in common is that they were all trying to break the mould and create something new and innovative. Movements like: the Arts and Crafts movement, Arte Povera, Memphis and Art Nouveau.

Coxi-Do you realize doing something avalible to young people that love design and arts but don’t have enough found to purchase your products? Something available to everyone?

Sixixis- Although a lot of our products are quite expensive, we started this business with the intention to make beautiful handmade things that everyone could afford and be part of. That is why sixixis is more of a brand or a way of thinking that anything else. We are starting to be able to create products that are in the more reasonable price range for the younger audience (such as the SpringShade and our newest product, the flower pots which start at £18).

We want to get people excited about wood and using it in new and exciting ways. It is not an old boring material, it is the most modern and contemporary of materials that has so much potential, and it grows on our doorstep!



Nova imagem (3)

2 Responses to “Talking to Sixixis”

  1. ana Says:

    Uau uau…they are lovely …the work is great and the interview is amazing…congratulations

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Interview with Sixixis design team

    “WE LOVE WOOD”, this is the main concept and feeling of Sixixis team. They are Tom (Six), Chris (Ix) and Charlie (Is), the artists that discovered a artistic way of making wood usefull, creative, in other words, a piece of art! They create furnitur…

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