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editor’s letter

September 30, 2006

 Starting today, life*fever is getting new shapes, look and above all concept. For the first time , since its birth we can call it a online magazine… This month we are presenting special posts on everything that is art and design related. Starting with a barcelona guide to everything that is hip, modern so that you can visit it in next vacations, and on monday a “mega” post on 100% Design with exclusive photos taken by l*f london collaborator Ana Aguiar. Fashion ‘n’ Rio, by Inês Laborim, will be life*fever first fashion production, that took place in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, in collaboration with Sol Azulay, one of the biggest brazilian fashion designers, also one of this month interviews! Also speaking about new stuff, l*f has also the color studio section, that will explore one color per month, showcasing everything thats hot related to that color in fashion, interiors and design!

So be my guest to a one moth tour through interviews with design and art legends, through one of my favorite homes in the entire globe, and all that’s new, hip and fresh at the moment! There will be lot’s of surprises through october, you just need to be conected.

And at last but not least take a look to the gorgeous cover that Inês Laborim produced to life*fever, it’s top!


Yoyo Ceramics

September 29, 2006

A really fun kitchen tidy to hang around on your kitchen surfaces. Need to put a mixing spoon down? Or pop a tea bag down without dripping along the floor to get to a bin – here’s a cool solution. Use them on the dinner table for serving dips or sauces. They look good hung on the wall too ( a simple nail should do it!). Purchase them here in defferent color sets! By yoyo ceramics exhibited in 100% Design Fair

Bruno Mathsson

September 29, 2006

 Bruno Mathsson, the famous furniture designer is having an exhibition in Centre Culturel Seudois, Paris -France, so for those who are in Paris, this is a “must go alert”. The exhibition is open until 29.10.06

Here is a small preview of his story:

Bruno Mathsson was born to cabinet making. His father, Karl Mathsson was the fifth generation in a family of master cabinet makers. It was natural that Bruno should follow in his father ’s footsteps and from an early age he was taught the necessary skills acquiring a well developed feeling for the characteristics of wood as well as a solid technical knowledge. For Bruno Mathsson this simply was not enough. From a young age, he was fascinated by the challenge of designing functional furniture combined with high technical quality and it was the ideas of the functionalist movement that were to inspire him.In 1929, came the opportunity to borrow books and magazines from Röhsska Arts and Crafts Museum in Gothenburg and its curator Gustaf Munthe became a contact who was to have an influence on Bruno Mathsson ’s career. Soon large boxes filled with books were sent by train between Gothenburg and Värnamo and Bruno Mathsson educated himself through detailed study. To continue reading click here!


September 29, 2006


These days everyone is used to seeing the iconic form of light bulbs that includes the socket. This icon itself is the light bulb that gives mysterious sensation of “unkown becoming known” from the natural light bulb function of shining that made at the time of making specifications. This lamp was exhibited by 100per at 100% Design Fair..

Once again I remember you that I’m having a post about 100% Design Fair with exclusive photos from the event! Life*Fever is also taking new shapes on midnight sunday!

Marcel Wanders to Moroso

September 28, 2006

“in my dreams…

… if endless three dimension fabrics become solid hyper-space or shinny lace mushrooms for homeless stoned midgets that were collected by giants. Whether in my dreams floating table tops ajoined flying carpets for vatering little girls birthday parties and…”

Here is a small sample of Marcel Wanders amazing work for moroso… Check out this amazing patterns mixed all together in this incredible sofa..

Osborne & Little

September 27, 2006

 Osborne and Little has launched an amazing collection of interior pattern, textiles and a hip way of living with great style at home! With vintage inspirations mixed with great colors, all mixed in a special way! I think that everyone can get add a bit of this collection at home, because it mixes with every style and home! So take a look, be my guest for an amazing trip to interiors world!

Blog Hunt

September 26, 2006

 While I’ve been surfing on the web, I decided to catch up the latest news from my favourite blogs, and here is the result of that research..

Harry’s interview (mocoloco) to Francisco Gomez Paz, a industrial designer with an amazing work…

The Cool Hunter has an amazing post about art-themed hotel rooms, so check it out! You’ll find the most incredible hotel rooms..

Here is your chance to exhibit your creations at Design Spotter IMM International Furniture Fair 2007 in Cologne.

Holly from decor 8 has made a post about Timorous Beasties, check out these great home accessories, wallpapers and textiles.

Core 77 + Fila

September 26, 2006

Core 77 has launched some new customized sneackers, Blu Form, to mark Core 77’s 11th year, in collaboration with Fila, the international sports brand. For over 11th years, core 77 has given the latest news from hip design and new stuff that is always comming out to design and art fanatics. For those who wish to have a pair of these customized and in a way exclusive sneackers, purchase them here. And you must watch the launching video, it’s amazing.


September 25, 2006

 Skanno, Salmisaarentalo has opened its doors. This unforeseen finnish concept store combines interior design, art gallery, restaurant, hardware, book store, florist and different cultural events. If you are in Helsinki, check it out!

Skanno Salmisaarentalo
Porkkalankatu 13 G
001800 Helsinki
tel. 09 – 6129 440

Click to view map

Caroline Darrieux

September 25, 2006

 The main concept of Caroline Darrieux creations was not to propose a look or style. She wanted to create beautifull clothes for every woman. She wants the public to create it’s own style with her clothes. Check out this amazing clothing collection, it’s worth. The website is writen in portuguese, but the photos speak for them self..

Forest – Farm

September 25, 2006

 “The most important characteristic of Japanese gardens is the miniaturization of the natural landscape using four major elements: water, stones, plants and scenes. The composition style of Japanese gardens is different from that of Italian garden. In Japanese gardens, components are laid out sinuously and asymmetrically.
Japanese feel sentiment in seasonal transitions of nature, and believe that the beauties of nature, Kachofugetsu, is one of the major contributors that constitute the beauty of each season. You watch the relection of the moon in the water and the moonlight spilled out of the branches of a pine tree, while drinking up a floating moon from a sake goblet. Essentially, this conduct is based on the traditional Japanese aesthetics. I would like to present the garden style that exploits this aesthetics and that fits in modern life.”

If you are looking for more advices and tips fore japanese gardens check out forest-farm, with its amazing concept of gardening..

Design Probe by Philips

September 24, 2006

Design Probe is an in-house far-future research program that considers what lifestyles might be like in 2020.The SKIN probe project is part of the program and challenges the notion that our lives are automatically better because they are more digital. It looks at more ‘analog’ phenomena like emotional sensing, exploring technologies that are ‘sensitive’ rather than ‘intelligent’. Two outfits have been developed as part of SKIN to identify a new way of communicating with those around us by using garments as proxies to convey deep feelings that are difficult to express in words.

via we make money not art

Publisher Fabrics

September 24, 2006

 Here are some sunday fabrics and patterns from a amazing textile company, “publisher textiles“.. They make wallpapers (the four images above), fabrics, cushions amongst others. Theey get lot’s of inspirations in Nature themes, plants, with very calm and relaxing colors.. This inteiors styling source was established by Mark & Rhynie Cawood.

Sugar Plum

September 24, 2006

 I don’t know about you, but here is raining “madly and badly”! A big storm is falling down on us, so here is a hip buy for this rainy season, these plueys with this amazing colors such asshrinking violet (I just love this two words together).. They can be purchased online here. Have a good shopping sunday..

Street Style Hunters

September 24, 2006

I’ve been hunting throught bloggers Street Style Hunters, and here are my top5 choices from their latest posts… Their “top”.






Weekend Design Choice

September 23, 2006

 HollowChair by Laurent Massaloux

100% Design London

September 23, 2006

Here is a small preview of what I’m having for october! Ana Aguiar, life*fever London colaborator went to 100% Design Fair in London.. so check out in 2nd October for updates of who is showcasing in the fair, latest photos from the event, exclusive from life*fever!

In Ocober I’m also having new design and layout comming out, with brand new stuff to tell you about here, on life*fever! I’m giving more oportunities for artists to expose their art, and their works, also amazing interviews with some really cool designers.. So, the must have next month is life*fever on your  !!

CJ O’Neill

September 22, 2006

Cj O’Neill is an artist and designer, interested in the rekindling of memories through objects and pattern working with one off objects, production runs, design work and large scale installations. She is a senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, on the Bachelor of Design, Creative Business Development course and is also a consultant for various organisations and schemes on creative business development.

Her amazing work is worth to check out, and it is definitely a must have at every stylish home!

los osos

September 22, 2006

Lava Couch

“Market research has revealed that warmth is a desirable attribute to couch users. Brainstorming on the concept of warmth we came to the idea of lava as a couch material. Lava, with it’s bright red color and searing heat both communicates and delivers on the promise of warmth. (As this is a work in progress please imagine the fluffy wool-stuffed tongues to be made of molten rock.) In addition to being very warm the couch has a light, clean look and breaks apart into three pieces for easy transport.”

Check out this amazing project and study by los osos team, Eric Ludlum and Laurence Sarrazin

Jessica Maria Toliver

September 22, 2006

Jessica Maria Toliver started her paperwork projects two years ago, and since that time she hasn’t stoped yet! Her creations include decor screens, tables and many small pieces that in my opinion are authentic pieces of art! Browse it all here