Talking to Atelier LZC

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The design studio Atelier LZC was setup in 2001 by 3 associates: Vanessa Lambert Barbara Zom and Michael Cailloux, all graduated from the Paris art and design school, École Duperré.

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They create design objects, textile designs, illustration, hand made screen prints and fashion design. Atelier LZC‘s unique style is a blend of their individual creativity and personal savoir faire.

I went talking to them,

Coxi-How did you all met?

Atelier LZC- We were at University together studying a “ DSSA Textile” at Duperré. (See CV on the disk provided).

Coxi-How did Atelier LZC started?

A. LZC- The three of us entered and won a competition for Françoise Saget, a French linen company. We began by making a collection of Raku. Our range has since expanded.

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Coxi-What is the main concept of your creations?

A. LZC- Nature, plants and animals is a big part of our collection
In September 2006 we are started with new collection
* Folklore : the designer have traveled in East Europe
* Geometric
* Children : as we sell more and more in children store. More over, we designed a book for Child (new collection) so we decided to have other children products

Coxi-How did you launched Atelier LZC into the market?

A. LZC-The first Raku collection that we exhibited at the “ Salon Maison et Objet” was a great success. It has help us to started to be a bit known.

Coxi-Do you rule by any tendency in all creative process?

A. LZC-We are trying to create our own tendency like our conception of Modern Folklore
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Coxi-Describe a little bit of your creative process?
A. LZC- First, we choose a theme, then all of us work on it. We mix our work and each designer will change a part of the other designers work.
So all products are made by the 3 designers

Coxi-Define Art…

A. LZC- The colour, our three different styles, flat and textured designs, playing with scale (for example a fish flying over a flower), overlapping designs, working on different surfaces (china, paper, slate, metal, candles, fabric etc…).

Coxi-Are any unkown designers that you follow and admire their work?

A. LZC- Not really

Coxi-All time favorite designer/artist…

A. LZC-The Tsé-Tsé, Maison Georgette

Coxi-When you create something new, is there a opinion from one of you that prevails, or you decide all together trying to get to a agree?

A. LZC- Please see answer regarding the procedure.

Coxi-Do you rule by any tendency in all creative process?

A. LZC- not really

Coxi-Do you think Paris is an inspiration for your work? In what way?

A. LZC- No, we are inspired by foreign countries, Japan, Eastern Europe and by Nature animals or old prints too.
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Coxi-From all the designs or products that you’ve created , what is the one that defines Atelier LZC?

A. LZC- The silk screen prints
Coxi- -This is a specific question to each one, from all pieces of art you have at one, what is the one that gives you more pleasure weaking up with it? Why?

A. LZC- Vanessa Lambert : the wallpaper
It is a very different scale
Barbara Zorn : The new note book. She like a notebooks and really wanted to make some LZC one
Michael Cailloux : the new postcards : He has loved working on the new Folklore designs

Coxi-Is there something you haven’t done that you wish to work with someday?

A. LZC-fabrics
– Children accesories like Teddy bears etc…

5 Responses to “Talking to Atelier LZC”

  1. ana Says:

    Congratulations what a great interview…i love they work…

  2. graça paz Says:

    fantastic, i´m an admire of their work and style. congratulations coxi!!

  3. cruststation Says:

    It’s great that you managed to get an interview with the designers of Atelier LZC, their work is fantastic!

  4. hippyxic Says:

    PArabéns!! Bela entrevista!!

  5. lpr Says:

    não sei se conheces … mas provavelmente gostarás:

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