Lofts and Penthouses


Lofts & Penthouses

Situated in one of the most proeminent buildings of 19th cebtury industrial premises in Italy, and impressive penthouse designed by the Architect Anna Cilia stands among other renovation works within its complex. This particular complex is located in the outskirts of the city of Milan, in a zone that has become a destination for those wishing to escape from the metropolis and find a space conducive to dialogue, discussion and idea-sharing.

Lofts & Penthouses

The structure of the factory is a beautiful example of industrial architecture. Endowed with the charms of its materials, iron and brick, its a classic ceilings are stripped bare and its larg windows let light in straight from above. The idea was to restore the existing structure, pursuing the priginal spatial logic and using the concepts of continuity and innovation expressed in the project. All this combined with the desire to create large spaces. The original materials were upheld, with no intention to hide or camouflage them. The result is a spatious dwelling organized in different levels.
Lofts & Penthouses

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  1. ana Says:

    Lovely….amazing space…

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