Esther Mokka

esther mokka

Esther Veereschild was busy with textile all her life -and still is- and after hight school she went to a school to become a teacher in textile crafts, but after two years she went to a regular arts school! She now runs her own business, mokka, with two hand bags collections, “Seventies” with indian inspirations, and “Barok” inspired with gipsy woman, deersand heavy flowers. Esther get inspirations for her creation work in such things as indian music, flea markets, textile books and magazines. Mokka became visible into a larger network of people when Esther discovered the power of the internet, by spreading her work through blogs and flickr. She is above all a crafts passionated with an amazing art work!

esther mokka

7 Responses to “Esther Mokka”

  1. hippyxic Says:

    Eu sou fã da Esther, do trabalho tão original e da pessoa tão generosa….foi uma óptima descoberta !! 😉

  2. Ella Says:

    super… proficiat.

  3. esther Says:

    Thank you, Coxi! And thank you Lu and Ella!
    Much love here from Holland!

  4. sonia Says:

    descobri a esther numa revista aqui na holanda ha uns anos, e qual a minha felicidade em encontra-la e conhece-la via flickr! muito simpatica e o trabalho dela, muito holandes, kitsh e original!

    esther you rock!

    groetjes sonia

  5. karin Says:

    Beautiful & original bags. Leuk stukje Esther!

  6. Karin de Kok Says:

    Very nice article, suits such a great concept as Mokka.
    Everyone who loves bags, and who doesn’t, should take a look at

  7. maqira Says:

    Como vês, vim até ao fim. O k mais me impressionou (embora ache tudo espectacular) foi a fotografia da bailarina. Verdadeiramente incrível.

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