My Paper Crane

Nova imagem

Heidi Kenney is the one, when we talk about crafts! She develloped her crafting brand, named My Paper Crane. Heidi is currently living in Pensilvania, overwelmed with orders, -from people who demand to have this amazing pieces of art- creating her fabulous softies inspired in all kind of shapes and themes. She creates plants, cakes, bred, coockies all “felt made”.. You can see more here!


3 Responses to “My Paper Crane”

  1. Jessica Says:

    I absolutely adore her work. I stumbled upon it ages ago and I make sure I check it every month to see what new products she is showing. She is really expanding and seems to come up with new ideas all the time.

    My favorite new thing is the Ice Cream sandwiches

  2. mod*mom Says:

    so is your blog.
    glad i found you.
    thanks for visiting me +commenting 😀

  3. Jennifer Says:

    These are way too cute! Thanks so much for the find!

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