Peter Callesen


I know I made almost 6 posts today, but I just had to share some of Peter Callesens’ work. He makes the most amazing paper sculptures I’ve ever seen.
As he say: “I find the materialization of a flat piece of paper into a 3D form as an almost magic process – or maybe one could call it obvious magic, because the process is obvious and the figures still stick to their origin, without the possibility of escaping. In that sense there is as well an aspect of something tragic in most of the cuts.”
Via Crust Station

3 Responses to “Peter Callesen”

  1. bubblescompany Says:

    amazing…a good artist…thanks

  2. Vintage Collage & Quilts Says:

    WOW! Those are amazing!


  3. ana ventura Says:

    aaahhhh! Fiquei espantamaravilhada com o trabalho deste senhor! Já ganhei o dia 🙂 Obrigada por partilhares.

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