For over 30 years now, Reisenthel accessories has stood as a symbol for contemporany, inovative design. It’s no longer only a tradding company in the tradicional sence. It does not simply concentrate on the purchase and sale for differentaccessories. It develops its own characteristic collections with a special flair and style. For over ten years now, Reisenthel collections carry the unmistakable design of Katja Horst, the head designer for product developement, . Reisenthel has got a very simple, human and practical concept, wich makes theyr collections accessible to everybody..

Nova imagem

4 Responses to “Reisenthel”

  1. cruststation Says:

    These are beautiful, practical and cool..I also love that photo of the lady, thanks!

  2. lisa s Says:

    wow – fantastic link!

  3. Jen Sel Says:

    Where can I order Reisenthel products in the U.S.?

  4. natalia Says:

    did you find a source for reisenthel products in the US?

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