wishes & heros

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Wishes & Heros started some years ago, when the creative mind “Ricardo” after a graphic design degree, started to run a business of his own! Today, Wishes & Heros is one of the most remarkable crafting and graphic design works in Portugal, and I believe in a few months, this fever will be world wide. He creates incredible ‘pocket heros‘, and graphic illustrations inspired on a very naive though and concept!

8 Responses to “wishes & heros”

  1. hippyxic Says:

    o Ricardo é sem duvida uma das Bonitas Pessoas, cheia de imaginação, sensibilidade ,criatividade, que me inspiram!!!e um bom amigo!!

  2. bubblescompany Says:

    This is a Great Artist..with a great work…this site every day is the best…thanks for all

  3. wiSHEs&HEros Says:

    É pá não mereço tantos elogios! Obrigado!
    Obrigado mesmo!

  4. Marianne Says:

    The ‘world’ fever has already started. I am a big fan of his work.

  5. Arte da Luluzinha Says:

    Gostei do blog, adoro os trabalhos do Ricardo. Parabéns 😀
    Sucesso Sempre!

  6. di gigi Says:

    eu AMO Wishes & Heros!!!!!

  7. carlag Says:

    Sou apaixonada pelos trabalhos do Ricardo. 🙂

  8. dammit Says:

    I admire the economy of design and material. Nothing is wasted. They look simple, but there is a genius to them. Ricardo can create a “Scotsman” with a few scraps and a couple of beads. They can be mass-produced by hand. Very, very clever!

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