Music Contribution – Lisa Ekdahl

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Lisa Ekdahl, the terribly pretty and talented woman who has become an icon for Scandinavian music, has been in the rise since the 1990’s, emerging remarkably quick and promoting her music internationally, standing out in the jazz and bossanova scenes. Obviously, her success wasn’t only achieved by her awe-inspiring beauty or genuine kindness, but first and foremost by her amazing angel-like voice and ability to pull off a truly recognisable harmony between human and instrument, resulting in a very soft and relaxing genre of music. Stockholm’s very own jazz star has also triumphed in pop music, with hits such as “Vem Vet”, genre which is appointed by some critics to be more appropriate for her girlish voice. Ekdahl’s mellow mood and crystalline voice are the key to the success of an artist who, at the age of 35, has edited ten albums, some of which are in her native language, Swedish. Her first album sold 800 000 copies in Scandinavia, which is more than an excuse for you to check out her website and wait for her next album, which has already been previewed!

by Francisca S. Paiva (Music Contributor)

2 Responses to “Music Contribution – Lisa Ekdahl”

  1. natascha Says:

    I love his voice! I work often with Lisa Ekdahl’s music!

  2. Marquita Says:

    A música dela anda sempre comigo: no carro, em casa, no escritório…

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