Tsé&Tsé Associeés

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Fifteen years ago, Catherine Lévi and Sigoléne Prébois got together to give birth to Tsé & Tsé Associeés. Their concept is very simple, freedom in creation! They met in Paris design school “École Nationale Superieure de la création industrielle“. As they say, after 15 years together, Catherine and Sigoléne shared pleasures and catastrophes in life and profession. Today Tsé&Tsé is one of the hip and top creative associations in design scene. They create lamps, kitchen accessories, baskets, and all that comes into their creative minds, but everything has got that french taste that we all know so well. And besides this amazing creations, they also have one of the best sites I’ve ever seen in my blogging life, full of beautifull things, great design and many small secrets to find out! Take a look..


One Response to “Tsé&Tsé Associeés”

  1. Sew Recycled! Says:

    Thanks for the Tse & Tse website – what fun! love your blog as well, excellent interviews and perfect inspirational references! Many thanks.

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