Tom Dixon / Flobberdewotsky / Blissen

Back from vacacions, and very tired! 😛 But I couldn’t go to bed with out spreading some more news! …

Nova imagem (21)

Lacoste has invited the famous product designer Tom Dixon to collaborate on a series of polo shirts. These polos have dropped in selected Lacoste stores worldwide. This collaboration also comes with a special package designed by Tom Dixon himself. Look out for it at your local Lacoste retail shop.

Nova imagem (22)

Speaking in craft fashion, you must take a look to flobberdewotsky, they are from the Netherlands and design exclusive children’s and women’s clothing and accessories made out of retro, vintage & kitsch recycle materials. It’s a funtastic website and amazing cloths!


And before leaving I must tell you that blissen sells amazing stuff, such as this wallets that I consider fabulous!

To be continued… tomorrow!

6 Responses to “Tom Dixon / Flobberdewotsky / Blissen”

  1. Shula Says:

    Well, however did I manage while you were away….?

  2. bubblescompany Says:

    Estou tao feliz por estares de volta…e como sempre com coisas novas para nos contar …beijokas

  3. wiSHEs&HEros Says:

    SĂł coisas lindas!
    Bom regresso!

  4. Majeak Ann Says:

    maravillas….alegran el dĂ­a con tantos colores y diseños, gracias por los links!


  5. CĂ©cile Says:

    Flobberdewotsky est génial !!! Comme Oilily mais en mieux !
    merci Coxi pour cette découverte.

  6. imedaGoze Says:

    that children clothing is just AMAZING!–>

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