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Adress File by lovely design

August 31, 2006

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Check out this walnut adress file from lovelydesign! Its hip and trendy for everybody to stay tuned into all their contacts! Organization is the better way to be successfull! Here is a good start.. Purchase it here!


Talking to Atelier LZC

August 30, 2006

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The design studio Atelier LZC was setup in 2001 by 3 associates: Vanessa Lambert Barbara Zom and Michael Cailloux, all graduated from the Paris art and design school, École Duperré.

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They create design objects, textile designs, illustration, hand made screen prints and fashion design. Atelier LZC‘s unique style is a blend of their individual creativity and personal savoir faire.

I went talking to them,

Coxi-How did you all met?

Atelier LZC- We were at University together studying a “ DSSA Textile” at Duperré. (See CV on the disk provided).

Coxi-How did Atelier LZC started?

A. LZC- The three of us entered and won a competition for Françoise Saget, a French linen company. We began by making a collection of Raku. Our range has since expanded.

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Coxi-What is the main concept of your creations?

A. LZC- Nature, plants and animals is a big part of our collection
In September 2006 we are started with new collection
* Folklore : the designer have traveled in East Europe
* Geometric
* Children : as we sell more and more in children store. More over, we designed a book for Child (new collection) so we decided to have other children products

Coxi-How did you launched Atelier LZC into the market?

A. LZC-The first Raku collection that we exhibited at the “ Salon Maison et Objet” was a great success. It has help us to started to be a bit known.

Coxi-Do you rule by any tendency in all creative process?

A. LZC-We are trying to create our own tendency like our conception of Modern Folklore
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Coxi-Describe a little bit of your creative process?
A. LZC- First, we choose a theme, then all of us work on it. We mix our work and each designer will change a part of the other designers work.
So all products are made by the 3 designers

Coxi-Define Art…

A. LZC- The colour, our three different styles, flat and textured designs, playing with scale (for example a fish flying over a flower), overlapping designs, working on different surfaces (china, paper, slate, metal, candles, fabric etc…).

Coxi-Are any unkown designers that you follow and admire their work?

A. LZC- Not really

Coxi-All time favorite designer/artist…

A. LZC-The Tsé-Tsé, Maison Georgette

Coxi-When you create something new, is there a opinion from one of you that prevails, or you decide all together trying to get to a agree?

A. LZC- Please see answer regarding the procedure.

Coxi-Do you rule by any tendency in all creative process?

A. LZC- not really

Coxi-Do you think Paris is an inspiration for your work? In what way?

A. LZC- No, we are inspired by foreign countries, Japan, Eastern Europe and by Nature animals or old prints too.
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Coxi-From all the designs or products that you’ve created , what is the one that defines Atelier LZC?

A. LZC- The silk screen prints
Coxi- -This is a specific question to each one, from all pieces of art you have at one, what is the one that gives you more pleasure weaking up with it? Why?

A. LZC- Vanessa Lambert : the wallpaper
It is a very different scale
Barbara Zorn : The new note book. She like a notebooks and really wanted to make some LZC one
Michael Cailloux : the new postcards : He has loved working on the new Folklore designs

Coxi-Is there something you haven’t done that you wish to work with someday?

A. LZC-fabrics
– Children accesories like Teddy bears etc…

Lofts and Penthouses

August 29, 2006


Lofts & Penthouses

Situated in one of the most proeminent buildings of 19th cebtury industrial premises in Italy, and impressive penthouse designed by the Architect Anna Cilia stands among other renovation works within its complex. This particular complex is located in the outskirts of the city of Milan, in a zone that has become a destination for those wishing to escape from the metropolis and find a space conducive to dialogue, discussion and idea-sharing.

Lofts & Penthouses

The structure of the factory is a beautiful example of industrial architecture. Endowed with the charms of its materials, iron and brick, its a classic ceilings are stripped bare and its larg windows let light in straight from above. The idea was to restore the existing structure, pursuing the priginal spatial logic and using the concepts of continuity and innovation expressed in the project. All this combined with the desire to create large spaces. The original materials were upheld, with no intention to hide or camouflage them. The result is a spatious dwelling organized in different levels.
Lofts & Penthouses

Source: Lofts and Penthouses
Buy it here

Esther Mokka

August 29, 2006

esther mokka

Esther Veereschild was busy with textile all her life -and still is- and after hight school she went to a school to become a teacher in textile crafts, but after two years she went to a regular arts school! She now runs her own business, mokka, with two hand bags collections, “Seventies” with indian inspirations, and “Barok” inspired with gipsy woman, deersand heavy flowers. Esther get inspirations for her creation work in such things as indian music, flea markets, textile books and magazines. Mokka became visible into a larger network of people when Esther discovered the power of the internet, by spreading her work through blogs and flickr. She is above all a crafts passionated with an amazing art work!

esther mokka

Inspirational Homes

August 28, 2006


Check out this inspirational home!

via insideout magazine 

*Rei* Tees

August 27, 2006

Nova imagem

*Rei* Tees a t-shirt business runned by Henrique from Sao Paulo, Brazil! He makes had made unique t-shirts, with a very alternative concept, in the way that each person has got one different. The patterns and illustrations are inspirated in flowers, birds, famous books… For those who wish to have a unique piece of art like this ones, you must buy one! He only works by email, but you can see more of his creations here!

The Beholder

August 26, 2006

Buy art online!

The Beholder is a online gallery with a very special concept. Their goal is to end with the difficulty of finding and buying art outside of the gallery sistem, and to help artists to connect with a larger audience. It’s true that today people only buy art in galleries and they only show “the very well known artists” (not all galleries), and projects like the beholder help to expand art work from not so very well known artists, but very talented ones, with promising carrers. My favorites: Anna Ura and Mathew Curry!

Romo Fabrics

August 26, 2006

Being Stylish at home! Romo Fabrics

If you wish to have a stylish home, one of your possible chooses must be Audrey Collection from Romo Fabrics, inspirated in flower patterns, with amazing colours and shapes. Romo Fabrics was founded in 1920 by Robert Mould and it became to be an entire family business, now runned by Robert Mould great grandsons. Today it is one of the leading brands world wide in Interiors market! They have fabrics colletcions, wallpapers, weaves, plains, prints and much more.

My Paper Crane

August 26, 2006

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Heidi Kenney is the one, when we talk about crafts! She develloped her crafting brand, named My Paper Crane. Heidi is currently living in Pensilvania, overwelmed with orders, -from people who demand to have this amazing pieces of art- creating her fabulous softies inspired in all kind of shapes and themes. She creates plants, cakes, bred, coockies all “felt made”.. You can see more here!


Fredericia Furniture

August 25, 2006


Trinidad chair is one of the many items of the amazing collection of Fredericia Furniture. Thia furniture Danish brand is a family-owned business, which has contributed to creating international respect for Danish design for generations. The business is closely connected to the name of Børge Mogensen and it produces the majority of the famous furniture architect’s classics. Since the beginning of the 1990s, co-operation with some of today’s best Danish designers has drawn renewed attention to Fredericia Furniture, the collection of which comprises some of the most talked about and prized furniture in recent years.

Good buys at Kzuid

August 24, 2006

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If you need to re-decorate your house, your space and your soul, Kzuid is the right place. You can find on this online shop from the Netherlands, almost everything, but fulfilled with color, beautifull patterns and a special harmony! You can find lamps, handbags, children accessories, amazing boxes, and lot’s of other stuff! It’s worth to visit!


House in Rio

August 23, 2006

house in rio

While I was surfing on the web, I found this amazing house at House in Rio, and I completely fall in love. House in Rio is a website, runned by Jean-Luc Bucharent, Carlos Eduardo Schmidt (Rio departement) and Barbara Durand (Paris Dep.). Their purpose is to promote the “Brazilian Souç” concept as defined by Oskar Metsavaht (Osklen). In order to do so, this team selects places which reflect this spirit due to their architecture, location and potential of decoration, and present on the fabulous website.

house in rio

Lisa Solomon

August 22, 2006

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Lisa Solomon, lives in Oakland in California with her two dogs and three cats and she is an awarded artist, graduated in Practice of art at University of California.I discovered one of her works (this one) while I was surfing on the web some days ago and I loved it! She had this great ideia of adding some crochets doillies into Traywick Contemporany Gallery. She also painted some other geometric shapes, giving a special ambience into the exhibition.

S.Francisco By Blue Jake

August 22, 2006


I just found this amazing photo some weeks ago at blue jake, and today, reviewing my faves, I just popped with it.. As it says in the description, it represents a controversial idea: while San Francisco is a beautiful city, it is not a photogenic one. As Jake says, “All of my SF photographs turn into kitsch– streetcars, cloudy skylines, the Golden Gate Bridge, homeless heroin addicts lying face-down in the streets of the Tenderloin. I took at least 500 frames, and got a total of three usable shots.” !
Jake Dobkin, is a 29 year old amateur photographer living in New York City, runing blue jake, a photoblog wich I think everybody shoul take a look!

Soizic Stokvis at Atelier Eric Seydoux

August 22, 2006

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There is a new artist on Atelier Eric Seydoux, his name is Soizic Stokvis! He does printscreening, using geometric chapes with amazing colours! You can buy this artwork is here, by contacting Eric Seydoux.

Tokyo Bulb by Lexon

August 21, 2006

Lexon, one of the top hip french design brands, known worldwide, has launched along with the designer Marc Brethier the Tokyo Bulb, an rechargeable halogen light, that will give a special ambient and environement to every house who owns one. As René Adda says, lexon objects are based into a seduction characteristic, fullfiled with rigorous tecnical requirements, and I trully believe this is one of the most evident examples of it! You can buy it here.

Anna Torfs

August 21, 2006

Anna Torf

Since 1994 Anna Torfs has been working from the Czech Republic as a freelance designer realizing mainly furniture and decorative glass collections for several European as well as Czech companies. In August 2002 the time had come to launch her own collection, this is when the “Anna Torfs” collection was founded. Her creations are very soft and smoth, in a way only the finest glass can be.


August 21, 2006

Nova imagem

Another great way to help stay cool during these long summer heat waves. Inspired by the aesthetics of jet engines to ensure reliability and built entirely out of cast aluminum and steel to ensure durability. each individual blade is perfectly balanced to ensure years of smooth and quiet operation – ‘venti’ stands as an excellent example of modern industrial design, perfect for home or business. Buy it here.

Princeton Architectural Press

August 21, 2006


Today I received, via US mail my review copies of ‘Princeton Architectural Press‘ books, an American publisher that has been publishing fine books on architecture, design, photography, landscape, and visual culture for 25 years. I got Visual Grammar by Christian Leborg, and Design it your self by Ellen Lupton. Believe me, these are the books you want to have at home! They have affordable prices, and amazing qualitie with great themes! You can view also theys blog here, with latest news published.

Michelle Caplan

August 20, 2006

michelle caplan

I just had to post something about Michelle Caplan, one of my favourite artists. She is a mixed media collage artist from California. Since a young age, she developed a passion for the art of collage, and as she says, today, her work reflects her passion, mixed with her graphic design education. She has already worked at the art department of some of the top publishing houses in New York, and today she is an artist with some of the most amazing modern artwork I’ve ever seen. She has her artwork available here, and she also writes a blog!