XT Furniture / Vacacions

I’ll be out for vacacions for two weeks, so here is the ultimate things I believe you must see before you go vacacion too!


It’s XT summer collection! XT is a “craft” business from Graça and Francisco Pereira da Costa that sells hand made furniture and accessories! They started 6 or 7 years ago in a late night discussing how they would change their lives.. It was july or agust and they dinning in theyr flats balcany! Francisco came with the idea of a hand made brand called XT, and then begun a dream that come true! Today they have clients all over the world and are one of the craft business I admire the most! So here is a brief resume of what they have been doing in these 6 or 7 years of growing..


Read it in French

4 Responses to “XT Furniture / Vacacions”

  1. hippyxic Says:

    PARABÈNS À XT MÒVEIS que deve estar a fazer 7anos…continuação de muito trabalho e sucesso…eu sou fã das peças todas e dos seus Criadores!!!beijo grande, Lu 🙂

  2. di gigi Says:

    adoro tudo que eles fazem!!!!

  3. stuffed Says:

    Lovely! That end table is one of my faves.

  4. Majeak Ann Says:

    las cajas….adoro las cajas, y bordes de los espejos, hermoso!

    -Marjorie Ann

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