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interview: Maria Vettese

July 16, 2006

PORT2PORT press…

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I went talking with Maria Vettese from Port2Port and first of all I must say I discovered a very good person, very talented and full of personality and individuality! Maria the founder of port2port press, a letterpress printing business, that today is a success!

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Coxi: why “port2port”?

Maria: port2port is referring to my blog. i started it with a dear friend
Anika {known on the blog as “arc”} in april of 2005 and she lives in
one port town, i live in another. we live on separate coasts in the US
so that became … port2port. when i started the business it just
seemed natural to call it after the blog since my blogging is really
what started me even thinking about having a handmade craft business.

Coxi: How did you first become aware of and become interested in Art?

Maria: i became aware of art in my 2nd year in college. i did not go to
college thinking of art at all! i was planning to go into English and
writing but it just didn’t happen that way. i think in life you can do
a certain amount of planning but lots of things are just left up to
chance. my drifting into art classes certainly was.

Coxi: How would you describe your style of art?

Maria: elegant, simple, understated.

Coxi: Do you have any other job?

Maria: i do some graphic design as well for clients here in my area. i used to
do a lot more but since the business started taking off i have had less

Coxi: Do you consider that being an artist is a difficult job to handle?

Maria: indeed! like any job you have your days where you just don’t know if
what you are contributing toward society is worth anything at all. i
think it’s a part of life but most certainly a part of being an artist.
self doubt is always there as you make your creations and it is in
pushing through that that you find your best moments!

Coxi: What would you be if not an artist?

Maria: i would own a flower shop that also carried little treasures or a café
where i could get to know the regulars and serve my baked goodies.

Coxi: Describe a typical job day?

Maria: i get up early and am to work in my studio room by 7am. i usually
linger on a walk in the afternoon and finish up by 5pm. some days i
just do computer work and work in preparing designs or working on other
kinds of backend things. other days i print for 3-5 hours of the day.
those are the days i love … my hands are dirty and i’m making art!
it’s so fun.

Coxi: What’s your bible?

Maria: i love Pure Style by Jane Cumberbatch. it is just beautiful and i look
at it all of the time to get my juices flowing.

Coxi: What do you do when you are stuck on a particular piece of work?

Maria: leave it or just do it.
i can’t overthink the work i do. i can only do so much planning and
then i just wing it. i find that that is the best way for me to work
and to not doubt myself. either leave the work there and come back; or
just power through.

Coxi: What can’t you live without?

Maria: dark chocolate!!!!

Coxi: What inspires you?

Maria: people. people and what they do, what they don’t do, what they make,
how they talk, what they say, how the photograph, what they eat ……
and why we are all here walking the earth bumping into one another and
making beautiful moments.

Coxi: What’s your favorite designer/artist?

Maria: there are so many who i am adoring. karin eriksson
{} is a huge inspiration to me. and i get
lots of inspiration from my blogging friends & flickr. i am wild about
being a part of the online community.

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I must say thank you to Maria for her colaboration with Life Fever, and for her great answers wich will be inspiring for many people!

Photos: All from mav | port2port press´

Read it in French


XT Furniture / Vacacions

July 16, 2006

I’ll be out for vacacions for two weeks, so here is the ultimate things I believe you must see before you go vacacion too!


It’s XT summer collection! XT is a “craft” business from Graça and Francisco Pereira da Costa that sells hand made furniture and accessories! They started 6 or 7 years ago in a late night discussing how they would change their lives.. It was july or agust and they dinning in theyr flats balcany! Francisco came with the idea of a hand made brand called XT, and then begun a dream that come true! Today they have clients all over the world and are one of the craft business I admire the most! So here is a brief resume of what they have been doing in these 6 or 7 years of growing..


Read it in French

Flowers / Ella Doran / Liberty London / Kenzo

July 13, 2006

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Flowers have since eternity inspirated men! With they’re perfect shape, amazing colours, incredible flavour.. And today we can find almost all type of products based in flowers patterns, images..

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Ella Doran enjoys a quite unique position in today’s world of design. Held in high regard by both the contemporary UK design community and retailers alike (Ella’s kitch coasters were recently listed as Elle Decoration’s Top 100 British Iconic Products) she has an enviable commercial client list, successfully working in collaboration with well-known brands, retailers and manufacturers.

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And you must visit Liberty London new collection! It’s ambsolutely amazing… So colourfull and powwerfull!
Liberty is unique and is positioned at the forefront of cutting edge fashion. It is still innovative, still seeking and collaborating with the best designers of today. Liberty celebrates originality and embraces a spirit of creativity. The ethos of Arthur Liberty still applies, Liberty continues to immerse and feed the senses while engaging imagination.

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It is imposible to talk about flowers with out saying something about Kenzo, thant is now leaded by Antonio Marras! You MUST see kenzo fashion show! It’s absolutely amazing how they did an animated presentation with the fashion show!

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I couldn’t end this post with out telling you about Julia Bereciartu, she is a young illustrator that I believe is worth of success! Her creations are so beautifull and naive! Visit her Diary set, or her photostream, you wont regret..

Designers Guild / Super Cosy / Amanda Mediant / Architecture Netherlands

July 12, 2006

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First of all, you must visit new Designers Guild Collection, it’s amazing. So fresh, colourfull and in a way so deep! Tricia Guild founded Designers Guild in Chelsea, London in 1970, one of the most influential and creative forces in Interior Design. Since then, the company has achieved international renown for a wide variety of home and lifestyle products; most notably huge and varied ranges of furnishing fabrics and wallcoverings, bedlinen, blankets and towels, furniture ,carpets and rugs, paint, stationery and leather goods.

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Speaking in Designers Guild, you got to come to Oporto, and visit one of the most colourful and fun interior design shops, Super Cosy! Leaded by Isabel Cami and Barbara Osório, it has been growing since the past two years and it became one of the most famous interior design shop in the city!


You got to visit Amanda Mediant, a free lance ilustrator and paintor! She was born in Paris and after some years working with clothing and shoes distribution, she now leads her own company and works for important design firms, magazines.. And believe me, her canvas and ilustrations are trully beautifull.


Speaking about Architecture, you must buy this book, from Taschen! It’s worth..
Buy it here..

Ideas for living… #entrance

July 10, 2006

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It is where we come in and immediatly sense the aura of a home. It is where we gain a first impression of who lives there, which is why it is a good idea for the space to express warmth, and why it is the ideal place to create something special in your own taste and style. In your entrance you want ambience, good cloakroom, notes for the family, getting rid of clutter, light and colour!

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Some tips:
-create a tidy hall with imaginative ideas: store boots on a shelve; keep items from sport and other leisure activities in bags…
-Use the same style you used in your living room…
-Photographs and magazine cuttings help to make your hall unlike any other..

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Don’t forget you can keep the hall tidy but still create a cosy, lived-in feel. The lighter they are, the roomier they appear. The hall is the best place for colour experimentation, because we are only there for a short time.

Dare to try it your self….

Source: “Ideas for living”

Tord Boontje / All Star / Fermento / Sandra Monat

July 9, 2006

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Tord Boontje work sits on the cusp of design and crafts: combining tradicional crafts witg hi-tech. His design philosophy is to create an environement that is warm and loving! He’s got a amazing work, and a new studio!

Speaking in designers, start looking over the new australian designer Matt Butler! He hasn’t got a website yet but you have here a sample of his work!

Don’t forget to buy your new converse all star, with your own design! It’s fantastic!

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Speaking about Portugal, if you are from Lisbon, or you are planning to vacacion there, don’t forget visiting “Fermento shop“, a place that opened to public in 19 November 2005 and only sells craft stuff! Amazing! It’s in Rua do Século, 13!

I received today a postcard from Sandra Monat saying “thank you” to everybody who helped her choosing a name to her new softie.. Visit her website! It’s worth! She has amazing softies!
Thank you Sandra!

Hippyxic / Lilli Bulle / Poppalina / Nouvelle Vagues

July 8, 2006

Notebooks from Hippyxic! They are absolutely fabulous!! By the way, she has come to Oporto, visiting me, and she brought a chinese book available at lili bulle, caled “Petit Apartements à Paris” (Small apartements in Paris), and I believe everybody should have it! Here is a small sample of it!
I also believe you should go to poppalina new weblog, and say something, because her work is absolutely amazing as you can see better at her photostream!
Babushka Dolls
And don’t forget buying new Nouvelle Vagues CD “Bande á parte”.. It’s realy worth it! The music is so soft and relaxing!

E assim começa…

July 7, 2006

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…um espaço para divulgação! Tanto a nivel de design, crafting, moda e decoração, ou seja, ARTES! Apesar das inúmeras iniciativas espalhadas um pouco por todo o país, todas se centram essencialmente no “concept design” e não abrangem nada mais! O Life Fever, serve, com a ajuda de todos, para mostrar o trabalho, a iniciativa de todos os que estão incluídos no grupo denominado artistas!
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A zona de links é para crescer diáriamente! Toda e qualquer pessoa terá direito a um lugar na “base de dados artística” desde que produza, com a mesma dedicação que todos os outros a sua própria arte, mais ou menos individual, que comercialize ou de qualquer forma contribua para esta causa! A contrapartida é que terá que colocar um banner fornecido pelo life fever no seu próprio site! Para submeter o seu link, deve apenas enviar-me um email com o link do site, e uma fotografia que considere que defina pelo menos um milésimo daquilo em que a sua arte se baseia! Peço a todos (e quando digo todos, são mesmo todos, tanto da China como da India, América ou Portugal!) que contribuam para a divulgação deste projecto; da maneira que acharem mais conveniente e propícia!
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Para quem chegou até aqui, obrigado pelo tempo que dispensou a ler isto até ao fim! Penso que de certa forma valeu a pena!
Juntos podemos fazer a diferença, marcar uma posição!

Mais uma vez obrigado,